Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun at the Fair

On Saturday we went to the State Fair in Salt Lake. It was my first time ever at a State Fair, the only ride I went on was the Ferris Wheel (but I still had fun), Stephen went on a lot though. We went with Chris and Valerie. Valerie is due in about 5 weeks. It was fun looking at all the attractions and over-priced food. Here are some pictures.

Birthday Month

This is late, like most of my posts, but my birthday was two weeks ago. I turned 19, again. Just kidding. I'm 26, but for some reason I still refer to myself and other woman my age as girls. We celebrated it on Saturday first eating out at my fav restaurant Bombay House. Stephen got me a gift certificate to Jo-anns for my b-day, and I have been going crazy at the store now. They have a lot of sales going on this month because it's national sewing month (who comes up with these?) But for the big day Stephen planned a surprise party and it actually was a surprise. I had NO idea. It was at my Father-in-laws house hear in Provo. Uncle Stephen and Aunt Tracy came, as well as Karl (Stephen's bro) and Megan and Camryn, Chris and Valerie Harmon. Here are some pictures of the happy day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sorry, scroll down to the post after the September 4th post to hear about my delivery. I just posted it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Okay so here are some pictures, sorry it's been forever to get them up guys. I have two other half finished posts telling about the delivery, etc. Hopefully I'll get those up soon, but for now people want to see the babe. So here he is...

James always makes this modeling/Zoolander face, it's really funny!

Here he is with Aunt Megan and Uncle Karl.

With mommy

His "I Love Daddy" shirt

And with Grandpa Brinton

...again with me

and Gpa again.

Daddy is finger feeding the premie James in the hospital...

Stephen looks funny while he's doing it here.

Wahhh!! Life is sooooo hard.

The pacifier is huge compared to his face!

(So the pictures aren't in order, but I think you can tell which ones are in the hospital.)
...lately he's been sleeping 4 hours straight and then two 2 hour blocks after that, sometimes three. One night he slept over 5 hours straight. What's my secret. Bottles my friends, but don't worry it's breastmilk, for the most part (I do add in a couple of ounces of formula a day. Yes, I'm a terrible person, but I'm getting more sleep so I'm happy!)