Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Birthday Post

I had given myself the goal this year to wish everyone in our immediate families a happy birthday on our blog. Nothing big, just wishing a happy birthday. January wasn't too difficult considering there were a total of two on both sides, but February has a total of 5, and March is crazy as well. So, I hope no one will get their knickers in a twist if we do one huge communal happy birthday post each month. So here goes...

Uncle Karl, February 6th

Cousin Haley, February 12th

Cousin Scarlett, February 19th

Uncle Aaron, February 22nd

and... Cousin Preston, February 25th

We love you guys!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentimes Day

No, that's not a spelling error. That's what Stephen says he use to call it as a kid. You know what I loved about Valentines Day when I was a kid? It was the one chance to tell the boy you liked in school that you liked him, without really telling him. I loved the little packets we made and hung on the side of our desk for people to put the cards in. Looking desperately through them for the one from him. Awww, good ol' childhood days. This year Stephen and I celebrated it a day late, that way we could get all the V-day stuff half off, not that we got that much stuff anyway, just a couple of bags of chocolates. Earlier yesterday I went to Savers for their President's Day 50% off sale. I got a few cute things for James, and this brand new sweater(yes the tags were still on it) for $2.50 for me.

It has wool and cashmere in it. Me likes! Plus it's pink so I wore for our V-day dinner out. We went to Mimi's Cafe; we LOVE Mimi's. (We don't eat there often but we love it.) They had a special for V-day. Here we are...

and here is our yummy mousse dessert.

It was so rich we ate less than half, and just brought the rest home.

Switching topics, I got a lot of comments on the Cruise Line Part 1 post that I thought I would update everyone on what else I've done.

I still have to put the sleeves on these two, and hem them.
This last one I'm not quite sure if I'm going to bring it or not, but I do love it. It might be too much.

I've already put the mandarin collar on it, plus the sleeves. Like I mentioned before, when I've completely finished everything I will take better pictures of me modeling them. I'm waiting to hem them because this weekend we're going to see my parents this weekend one last time in St. George before they move to Idaho. I'm going to put them on and have my mom help me tailor them a bit better. A mannequin helps, but isn't quite your own body. It's hard for me to adjust/pin things myself when I'm wearing them. I always stab myself and get frustrated. Now just two dresses and one skirt to go. I really hope I finish in time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big Move

Yesterday James had his 6 month appointment. I have been waiting for this. Why you ask? Well, Stephen and I have been discussing moving James into the other bedroom since he turned 6 months old, almost 3 weeks ago. I was hesitant about the big move, and so I asked Stephen his opinion hoping that it would just reassure me into thinking it was time. Instead, Stephen brought up all these points that totally discouraged the idea and on top of it made me even more paranoid than before about him sleeping in the other room. My last chance was to ask the doctor about it with Stephen there at James' next appointment. Not only did she approve it but encourage it. And I learned quite a few things myself. For example, James should be sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours at night. HALLELUJAH! Now she said it's okay at first to feed him sometime in the middle since he's not use to sleeping that long yet without any snacks. Something else I learned, babies are suppose to go to bed early. Technically I knew that, but our definition of early was a lot later than the doctors. But she said to move up his bed time early slowly so he can adjust. Last night was the first night we moved him into the other room. I don't know why but he slept a lot better. He slept 8 hours straight, woke up and ate about 4 oz. of breast milk, and then fell back asleep for another 3 hours. HEAVEN! Despite the fact that he slept so well I did not. It was the first time we used the baby monitor and we had bought it at a garage sale for $5. I kept waking up thinking that I didn't have the volume up loud enough, and worrying that maybe I just slept through his crying (not that that's a bad thing we're suppose to let them cry it out at this age). Finally around 5 a.m. I went in to check in on him, and he was sound asleep, but then I couldn't go back to sleep because I kept thinking, well it's been 6 hours so I'll just wait for him to wake up to feed him and then go back to sleep. 2 hours passed, finally when I was drifting off I heard him babbling. Hopefully tonight will be better. Man, getting to that phase when you just have to let them cry it out is so hard, because sometimes when they are crying it sounds like they are dying or being tortured so you want to run to their side and make sure they are ok. But my doctor told me that if I do that then James has me well trained. Now for his stats, ready? Weight 19 lbs. 2 oz. 80% percentile, length 28 in. 93% percentile (she commented on how tall he is, woohoo!) head 45.5 cm. 90% (when we said he's got "The Taylor's Big Head" she said that it's only big to cram in all the brains he's got in there, woohoo times two!) Here's the little love child at 6.5 months.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cruise Clothes Line Part 1

As some of you know Stephen's parents are taking all their kids, kids-in-law and grandkids on a cruise down the western coast of Mexico( except for Colin he's got school. Good kid, I would have just let my grades suffer and go, but I guess because when I was his age I'd never been out of the country) We fly down to Long Beach, CA on February 27th, and I believe that our cruise departs from L.A. We come back on March 6th. When Stephen's dad first told us about it I was soo excited, and then I had two mental break downs. First, I had no clothes. Well, ok...that's not completely true, because if it was I'd be an exhibitionist everyday. I have a few long sleeved shirts that fit, namely 3 or 4 , about 2 sweaters that fit, and two pairs of pants that fit. (I need to emphasize that fit because... I have a lot of clothes, but none of them fit. Oh, I also have this black hideous peasant skirt that I wear all the time because it's comfortable. I bought it when I was pregnant and wore it everyday, because pants were too hot and uncomfortable. Now it has a tear in it and is soooo faded. What the heck was I going to wear? Especially since money is sooo non-existent right now shopping is out of the Q. Second mental, or should I say emotional, breakdown was over the fact that I'm very insecure about my body right now. I've been exercising for the last month, and haven't seen very many improvements. It's hard to really diet since I'm still pumping (hurray for me it's been 6 and 1/2 months now!), and it's hard to do any strenuous exercise because my scar hurts if I run. (Funny thing, whenever I say that Stephen makes some kind of Harry Potter joke) One improvement is now I can at least slowly jog a couple of laps or so before it does start hurting. How to fix the clothes and self-image problem? I looked to my fabric collection, and realized I have enough fabric here that I have saved up to make a whole weeks worth of clothes. For my birthday I bought a bunch of fabric at Jo-anns; remember how I'd mentioned the clearance being an extra 50% off. Plus, I had some Christmas money from my parents, so I got some more clearance fabric which again had an additional 50% after the holidays. I got some nice stuff. Not to mention I had already had lots of fabric that I've bought in the past meaning to sew but have been to busy with the babe. So if I can sew myself some really cute clothes that solves both problem, because even if I'm insecure about my body, I can still look cute right? Here's what I've done so far:

Now I just have 2 and 1/2 more blouses and two dresses to go. The pictures aren't that great, but when I'm done hemming these and sewing the rest I'll take pictures of me modeling them so....stay tuned!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Much anticipated...

It has been a very long time since I have been into a T.V. show. And that doesn't include "What not to wear", despite the fact that it is my favorite show, because it doesn't have a story line, it's more reality T.V. Growing up there were tons I liked, such as: Little House, Brady Bunch, Dr. Quinn, Brisco County Jr., Sliders, X-files, umm...I can't remember any other ones, but you get the picture. Well last Fall Stephen and I started watching "Lost".

I know it's fantastical, but we like it. We just finished season 5, and tomorrow the final season, season 6, is going to be airing. Ah! I can't wait!!!

Other things that are highly anticipated: "Sherlock Holmes" (must see, hurry and get to the dollar theatre!)

and "Coco avant Chanel" (it's the story about the French designer Chanel).

I saw a preview for "Coco" last week and decided that I wanted to see it. I was looking up the info and was disappointed to learn that it had come out in Europe about a year ago. Thinking it was too late I went to the Dollar theatre website to see what was playing, and guess what? That day "Coco" started playing! Hurray! Now I just need to find someone to go with me. Anyone!?