Monday, October 26, 2009

An Adoption Story

So a few months ago I put something on my blog, maybe you've seen it on the right side, "Help Que and Brittney adopt." Well on October 15th it finally happened for them. I don't know them personally, but it's a very touching story. Go here to check it out and congratulate them. I wish I could send them a gift, but I think asking them for their address is just too weird. Yeah for families! Congratulations to them!!

3 Month Checkup

I finally took James to his 2 month checkup last Thursday, despite the fact he was one day shy of being 3 months. Whatever, right Summer? What-flippin'-ever. Want to know how he is? He is huge that's how he is. At three months he is 14 lbs 12 ounces (the 80th percentile for weight for his age), and 25 1/2 inches long (90th percentile for height) and his head is 42 cm. (75th percentile) but considering he was 3 weeks early he is really bigger than the percentile he was put in. This one woman told me her son was the same, now he's 6'5" and his dad isn't even taller than 6 feet. He already says, "mamamamama" he started doing that at 2 and 1/2 months (not a lot, but usually in the mornings or if he wants me to pick him up. I tell ya' talking to your child in third person really does work). When I told that to his pediatrician she said that was really advanced for his age. (Take that Uncle Chechi, I told you so!) She also said he was really strong when she stood him up on the bed thing they have. He's still working on the neck thing though, but that's my fault I don't give him enough tummy time. He'll probably be bigger than his cousin Scarlett by next year's cousin's camp if he keeps this up. By four months he'll be wearing 6-9 months clothes. He grows out of his clothes so fast, we can't afford to keep up, but thank-goodness for Savers and 99 cent Mondays. Although I missed today. I saw a snowsuit last week, hopefully it will still be there by next week. Here's the boy.

He won't nurse for comfort, and he won't take a pacifier (almost never unfortunately) but he WILL suck on his hand.

Nap time with dadders.

October Fun

I am no good at being a new mom and blogging at the same time. This blog will sum up the last couple of weeks. With the help of Karl and Megan we have discovered a fun cool pirate restaurant that has just opened up in Orem. You might have already seen it on her blog, but for my side of the family here are some pictures. (And Jeff was visiting the week we went.) Seriously, the restaurant it like going on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disneyland.

Then a little over a week ago we went with the KMC company and Baldwin clan to Thanksgiving Point. It was my first time going through a corn maze. I had high expectations so I'll admit I got a little more than pissy that we kept going in circles. We answered the questions right but got NO WHERE. I got so frustrated that I completely forgot how much I had been looking forward to going on the hayride(also another first), so we didn't go on it. But we still had fun. Again, here are some pictures...

People carved some amazing pumpkins. We still have to carve our two. Not to mention still put up our Halloween Decor. Is it too late?

Monday, October 5, 2009

2 Years, an Internship and a Baby

One week ago was our 2 year wedding anniversary. Nothing too fancy since baby James was with us. We went out to an Italian Restaurant called "La Dolce Vida." We went there a lot when we dated, so it brought back some nice memories. Luckily James slept the whole time we were there. Stephen's brother and his wife (Karl and Megan) had very generosly offered their babysitting services, but we wanted to maximize time together and minimize time on the road since it was a Monday and Stephen had just come home from work, but maybe (hopefully) another time. I can't believe it's been two years that we made our marriage covenant to God and each other. A lot has happened since then. We've lived abroad, expanded our family, graduated. Lived, learned, and loved every minute together. Thanks for picking me Stephen! I Love You!

Smell My Feet

Speaking of that, James is a sweaty baby. James inherited some Halloween stuff from his cousins. I wanted to wait until Halloween to put him in it and take pictures, but since he's growing faster than anticipated these will have to be done a little early. At least it's October so it's ok, right?

This isn't his halloween costume by the way, just an early happy halloween.

2 Months Going Strong

Here are some more pix of the bebe. He's 2 months and (about) 2 weeks old, but he's huge! Not fat, he just looks older. This one woman on campus came up to us to look at James. She said he was cute and told us she had 8 kids. She then guessed him at about 4 months (this was on September 23rd). We told her he was 2 months to the day, to which she responded "Wow, he's a big baby!" He is. He's officially out grown almost all his 0-3 months and is wearing his 3-6 month old clothing. Luckily he has lots of 3-6 month clothing, but I hope he fits these for awhile 'cause we don't really have any 6-9 month stuff yet. Here he is...

Here he is practicing his "Boyscout Honor" hand sign. And no I didn't do this. Like Father like son. I know Stephen can't wait 'til he's old enough to do that kind of stuff together.

That Bless-ed Day

James Madison Taylor was blessed/christianed (whatever you call it) in church on September 20th 2009 in the year of our Lord. FINALLY! We had trouble getting everyone's schedules to match up to come out here for the occasion. Everyone was finally able to come out on the 13th, and then one week before there was a conflict. You guessed it...Stake Conference. We had forgotten, actually don't even remember hearing about it. But I guess when you have a new baby it takes awhile before you start to get anything out of church (as my sisnlaw Megan reminds me). Thankfully the next week worked out. The only problem was that because it was about two months after he was born he outgrew his blessing outfit that Grandma Taylor made. Luckily she's an excellent seamstress (and it was only the suspenders that weren't long enough) and was able to fix it the morning of. My dad came along with my brother Jeff. (My mom was busy playing RN as she usually is and was taking care of my sister Mindy who is recovering from a recent knee surgery). Stephen's parents came, as well as his brother Karl and his family, and his Uncle Stephen and Aunt Tracy. I was glad they were all able to be there for that very special occasion. Afterward Stephen and Tracy had a luncheon for us. It was so much fun and so nice of them. Here are some pictures.

With Uncle Chechi

and Gpa

At the Luncheon

I Want You

Pose like dancing Fred Astaire