Monday, October 5, 2009

That Bless-ed Day

James Madison Taylor was blessed/christianed (whatever you call it) in church on September 20th 2009 in the year of our Lord. FINALLY! We had trouble getting everyone's schedules to match up to come out here for the occasion. Everyone was finally able to come out on the 13th, and then one week before there was a conflict. You guessed it...Stake Conference. We had forgotten, actually don't even remember hearing about it. But I guess when you have a new baby it takes awhile before you start to get anything out of church (as my sisnlaw Megan reminds me). Thankfully the next week worked out. The only problem was that because it was about two months after he was born he outgrew his blessing outfit that Grandma Taylor made. Luckily she's an excellent seamstress (and it was only the suspenders that weren't long enough) and was able to fix it the morning of. My dad came along with my brother Jeff. (My mom was busy playing RN as she usually is and was taking care of my sister Mindy who is recovering from a recent knee surgery). Stephen's parents came, as well as his brother Karl and his family, and his Uncle Stephen and Aunt Tracy. I was glad they were all able to be there for that very special occasion. Afterward Stephen and Tracy had a luncheon for us. It was so much fun and so nice of them. Here are some pictures.

With Uncle Chechi

and Gpa

At the Luncheon

I Want You

Pose like dancing Fred Astaire


linda said...

We were so happy to be there! Thanks for the great pictures to remind us of that wonderful day!

Megan said...

WHY, exactly, are my eyes only open halfay in that photo? Ugh. Well, regardless, I had a wonderful time at the blessing and am so happy little James has come here to be a part of our family!