Friday, January 18, 2013

Life in the Fast Lane

Sorry, I know I've been a pathetic blogger. I have about 11 more weeks until this baby will be born, until then, don't expect frequent posts, but after that, expect lots of baby pictures! I should say 11 more weeks if she is born on time. James was 3 weeks early, and I can't hope that she will bake a little bit faster in the oven as well so that I only have to suffer for 2 more months instead of 3. If you know me, then you know I hate being pregnant. I love kids, and really want this baby, but I hate being pregnant. And yes I did say "she." If you aren't family,or don't go on facebook often then the news is... IT'S A GIRL. I was going to post some pictures but my camera is dead, so I'll do it later. It's funny, but I felt so unsurprised when we found out. Stephen was convinced we were having a girl. He knew James was a boy, and he knew this one was a girl. I didn't know either way, but because he felt so sure, it started to convince me as well. At first I felt indifferent as to what I wanted. If it was a girl, then great, I don't have one of those yet; or if it was a boy, great, because James would have a brother. Every boy needs a brother, and every girl needs a sister in my opinion. As a kid I loved having sisters, and now as an adult they are my best friends. I know Stephen loved, and still does having brothers, so either way would have been great. Then the morning sickness hit. I thought if this time goes a lot better, then maybe my dreams will come true of having a big family. There are 7 kids in my family, and I have always wanted 4-6 kids. Though I haven't thrown up quite as much this time around as with James(don't get me wrong it was still plenty too much for me), the rest of the symptoms have not been a great improvement, if any at all. Some are worse, like the heartburn this time around is way worse. Still feeling sick at 29 weeks is ridiculous. In fact with James my first trimester was more intense than this one, but my 2nd trimester was not as bad as this one. This time around it's still lingering. Which means that this will be my last pregnancy. It does make me sad, like I said I always wanted a big family. But I'm doing my best to stay optimistic. I've always considered Foster Care, and now I feel more strongly about, so I'm sure something will work out. The big news in our lives now, the reason why our life is in the fast lane is because in 3 weeks from today...drum roll please... Stephen will graduate!! We are so excited!!! So excited to be done, so excited to live together under one roof like a family again, and have our own place again. He was assigned to Los Angeles, the ritzy area. Basically he will be dealing with people like Lindsey Lohan on a regular basis. hehehe. We have 3 weeks to find an overpriced apartment, a new doctor and hospital to have the baby, and a new school for James, not to mention moving all our stuff...again. Hurray! Actually I'm not excited about having 3 weeks to do those things. In fact, I feel overwhelmed and somewhat depressed about it. Which makes me want to not think about, hence the reason we are moving in 3 weeks and still don't have a place. Actually I have been looking, but everything that is good that comes up gets taken fast, and I feel slightly unsteady about signing a contract to an apartment without having seen it or the area, especially since it is in L.A. But, if that's where Heavenly Father wants us to be, then I guess we will have to do a leap of faith. Besides living in L.A. will be an adventure, not to mention we will be minutes from the beach! Lots of window shopping considering that I doubt they have good clearance racks on Rodeo Drive. Here's our new home.

Overwhelming isn't it? Well at least it has one of these. :)