Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Okay, I know the title of this blog is so cliche, but it's true. I'm so glad that summer is finally here. Last week we had Stephen's parents visit us, and Linda watched James for us so we could go on a date. I can't remember the last time we went out to a restaurant sans bebe. It was fun, my only major beef was the fact that it took 45 minutes to get our food, which is pretty lame considering there were only a total of 6 of us at the restaurant. Technically I would vow to never eat there again, except the food was sooooo good. But, anyone that knows me knows I love ethnic food. (The restaurant is called Cedars of Lebanon. I think I would recommend just calling in an order an hour before you are going to eat and just picking it up, because like I said, the food was excellent!) Then Saturday my dad came to town. We went to the Veterans Water Park in Provo. It's only $4 per person so not a bad deal.

I was super excited to take James, but he ended up being really scared of it. Funny because usually he is a little dare devil. It took a really long time for he to warm up to it, and by the time he did it was time to go. He spent most of his time sitting on his towel watching all the other kids having fun.

Oh, by the way funny story. So, Stephen was watching James so I could swim a bit in the adult pool with my dad. Well, we were talking and treading water and I didn't see the guy behind me. My big two accidentally slid over his bum and his shorts got momentarily caught between my toes. I swear I totally was not trying to pinch his bum with my toes. That's weird. HAHAHAHA!
Then yesterday I went up American Fork Canyon with James and my dad. We didn't hike very far, but it was fun; poor Stephen had work and couldn't come.

My dad left this morning, but tomorrow we're all going up to northern Idaho to have a big 4th of July reunion at my parents. We'll be there about a week. I'm super excited, I haven't seen any of my siblings since last years summer rendezvous. BTW, Happy early 4th of July everyone!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ok, I know I usually only post once a week, but I wanted to show everyone this blog I absolutely love. This chic takes super cute immodest clothes, and makes them modest. Yes, she's mormon if your wondering, so that explains it. Something super helpful to someone like me who wants something that isn't so modest. (Not that I want it because it's immodest, but most cute things in stores realistically aren't very modest, at least according to LDS standards.) Here are some clothes she's performed massive surgery on, their before and after pictures...

What she usually does is buy bigger sizes on clearance and then makes them smaller leaving plenty on leftover fabric to make sleeves, or add length or whatever it is that needs to be done. Of course, if you are like a size 2 I'm sure it's easy to find bigger sizes on clearance than if you were someone bigger like me. But, I still love her blog.
Here is her blog. Check it out.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ready for Summer

About three weeks ago Jo-anns had one of there frequent 50% off clearance sales. I am a total junkie for those sales. While there I came across some really cool swimsuit fabric, two actually and I bought them both. Here is the first one that I made. It didn't turn out exactly how I had hoped, but it was my first time making a swimsuit, I didn't have a pattern, so considering those things I'm pretty happy with it. The support in the front isn't that great, I'm still deciding how I'm going to fix it. Plus there's a smal stain on it, I had meant to cut the top part around it, but forgot and then cut out the fabric. The stain is right on my chest. Maybe some bleach can take care of that.

I wanted a sort of tankini because one peices drive me nuts. I always have to go to the bathroom for some reason the minute I get in the pool. Taking a wet one peice off is a pain in the butt. I wanted the bottm to be shorts because I always wear shorts when I go swimming anyways. I'm hoping that the next one will work out a little better. It cost me a total of $4.50 to make this swimsuit. I really like it, although it does admittedly kind of remind me of this...

hahaha...ahem, I still like it.
And here are some pixs of James with an olive on his finger.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Mr. Sunshine

On Sunday I was making dinner and chopping up onions when my eyes started burning, so I asked Stephen if I could use a pair of his glasses to sheild my eyes. Like his range glasses, because they offer really good protection. When James saw me wearing them he threw a fit because apparently he wanted them, so when I was done I put them on him, and he loved them. Doesn't he look so cute? Nerdy cute, like he's going to play basketball and needs these to sheild his eyes.
On Friday we babysat for this couple in our ward, because they babysat James back in December. The little girl is 4 and the little boy is almost two. Their Names are Taylor and Joshua. They are super cute. well, James is a screamer, he screams when he's happy, sad, gasey, etc. you get the picture, he's a screamer. Well, he started screaming at them, but because he was happy they were there and playing with him. They looked startled, ad I told them not to worry that was just his way of expressing himself. So I asked the little girl if her brother ever screams. "No, he never screams. But sometimes he hits me or pulls my hair." James does those, too. But I was more than a little envious at how mild these children were, and I sat there imagining how happy my life would be if James never screamed. James is an incredibly spirited little boy. Here they are playing on the treadmill, which I wasn't crazy about but if someone over 200 pounds can run on it, I figure that they really can't do any damage.

Also, while they were there Taylor used the potty several times because she's 4 and potty trained. James would come into the bathroom and look at her like, huh so kids sit on that thing too. It sparked an interest and the next day he wanted to sit on the potty. I was more than thrilled because I want to start potty training him around 2. So I sat him on it, and he was laughing, but nothing was really happening, then he was not into it any more and wanted to get off. As soon as he got off he squatted and peed on the ground. Ah! Why couldn't he have just done it in the potty? I don't think he understood what he was supposed to do. What he really needs is to watch another male go potty to get it. But Stephen won't let James watch because he says it just seems creepy. So, now what do I do, go up to some random lady with a little boy and say, "Oh hey your little boy is P.T. I see can we watch?" What's a mom to do? Any tips?