Monday, June 13, 2011

Ready for Summer

About three weeks ago Jo-anns had one of there frequent 50% off clearance sales. I am a total junkie for those sales. While there I came across some really cool swimsuit fabric, two actually and I bought them both. Here is the first one that I made. It didn't turn out exactly how I had hoped, but it was my first time making a swimsuit, I didn't have a pattern, so considering those things I'm pretty happy with it. The support in the front isn't that great, I'm still deciding how I'm going to fix it. Plus there's a smal stain on it, I had meant to cut the top part around it, but forgot and then cut out the fabric. The stain is right on my chest. Maybe some bleach can take care of that.

I wanted a sort of tankini because one peices drive me nuts. I always have to go to the bathroom for some reason the minute I get in the pool. Taking a wet one peice off is a pain in the butt. I wanted the bottm to be shorts because I always wear shorts when I go swimming anyways. I'm hoping that the next one will work out a little better. It cost me a total of $4.50 to make this swimsuit. I really like it, although it does admittedly kind of remind me of this...

hahaha...ahem, I still like it.
And here are some pixs of James with an olive on his finger.


Becky said...

It turned out cute. I love the fabric.

FYI Burda style has a free pattern online if you want to base your next one (you said you had two kind of fabric, right?) off it. I'm too chicken to try out a swimsuit but it's pretty cute.

Have fun!

linda said...

I like your swimsuit, and I really like the idea of shorts. I may try it out myself, although the support issue could be a problem for me as well. Nobody wants to see me unsupported!

Megan said...

I love that suit!!! Though I know what you mean about swimsuit support. I wish every suit I owned came with reinforced steel. Honestly, nursing two children has not been kind to me. ;) I must admit, too, that even the vintage suit you posted has its appeal.

As for stains, nothing has beaten OxyClean and its store brand equivalents for getting out stains without damaging fabric. Try a stain remover first, and if that doesn't do it, give your suit a soak in some OxyClean. I use it on all my bright colors (Tamsin is particularly adept at rolling in stainable stuff) and everything has come out so far.

Isn't it funny how kids will eat the weirdest things if they can play with them? I've gotten Camryn to eat many things simply by arranging them stylishly or making them look like edible toys.

Josh + Jul said...

You're so talented, Melinda! :) Very cute.