Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ok, I know I usually only post once a week, but I wanted to show everyone this blog I absolutely love. This chic takes super cute immodest clothes, and makes them modest. Yes, she's mormon if your wondering, so that explains it. Something super helpful to someone like me who wants something that isn't so modest. (Not that I want it because it's immodest, but most cute things in stores realistically aren't very modest, at least according to LDS standards.) Here are some clothes she's performed massive surgery on, their before and after pictures...

What she usually does is buy bigger sizes on clearance and then makes them smaller leaving plenty on leftover fabric to make sleeves, or add length or whatever it is that needs to be done. Of course, if you are like a size 2 I'm sure it's easy to find bigger sizes on clearance than if you were someone bigger like me. But, I still love her blog.
Here is her blog. Check it out.

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