Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentimes Day

No, that's not a spelling error. That's what Stephen says he use to call it as a kid. You know what I loved about Valentines Day when I was a kid? It was the one chance to tell the boy you liked in school that you liked him, without really telling him. I loved the little packets we made and hung on the side of our desk for people to put the cards in. Looking desperately through them for the one from him. Awww, good ol' childhood days. This year Stephen and I celebrated it a day late, that way we could get all the V-day stuff half off, not that we got that much stuff anyway, just a couple of bags of chocolates. Earlier yesterday I went to Savers for their President's Day 50% off sale. I got a few cute things for James, and this brand new sweater(yes the tags were still on it) for $2.50 for me.

It has wool and cashmere in it. Me likes! Plus it's pink so I wore for our V-day dinner out. We went to Mimi's Cafe; we LOVE Mimi's. (We don't eat there often but we love it.) They had a special for V-day. Here we are...

and here is our yummy mousse dessert.

It was so rich we ate less than half, and just brought the rest home.

Switching topics, I got a lot of comments on the Cruise Line Part 1 post that I thought I would update everyone on what else I've done.

I still have to put the sleeves on these two, and hem them.
This last one I'm not quite sure if I'm going to bring it or not, but I do love it. It might be too much.

I've already put the mandarin collar on it, plus the sleeves. Like I mentioned before, when I've completely finished everything I will take better pictures of me modeling them. I'm waiting to hem them because this weekend we're going to see my parents this weekend one last time in St. George before they move to Idaho. I'm going to put them on and have my mom help me tailor them a bit better. A mannequin helps, but isn't quite your own body. It's hard for me to adjust/pin things myself when I'm wearing them. I always stab myself and get frustrated. Now just two dresses and one skirt to go. I really hope I finish in time.


Becky said...

We went to mimi's as well. The funny thing is we always get the same things. Nate gets the turkey dinner and I get the blue cheese and walnut salad. Mmmm.

A Wink and a Smile said...

We usually get the same kind of thing. For example, Stephen always get something with chicken, and I always get a pasta dish with shrimp. Not exactly healthy, mine that is. In fact, the food was so rich last night that I've had a tummy ache all day. :(

linda said...

I love the clothes that you are making, and I really think that you should bring the mandarin style blouse. It would be perfect for one of the more formal nights of dining. You are doing such a great job!