Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taylors Breed Big

This is very true. All of Stephen's siblings are fairly tall, some more than others, and his dad is tall, too. I am not tall. Luckily, James got more Taylor genes when it comes to height. When I was pregnant with James I signed up to get one of those Gerber Baby Newsletters, the kind that tell you where your baby should be at each month, except mine come two months in advanced. For example, I got "Your Baby at 11 months" when James was 9 months. It gave where your baby should be at, including height and weight, etc. At 11 months 30 and 1/4 inches is considered to be in the 90% percentile for height. So, I was staring at James thinking, "Wow, my baby's pretty tall, I wonder where he's at now." So, I measured him, at 9 months, and he was 31 inches. I thought that maybe I hadn't marked it correctly, but yesterday James had his doctors appointment and he was 31 and 1/4 inches tall (which is actually like the 100% in height for a 11 or 12 month old), 21 lbs. (60% percentile for weight), and for his head circumference he's in the 95% percentile. Yep, tall...big head, he's definitely a Taylor. If he'd taken after me he'd be in the 50-60% for height, and 70-90% for weight.

James was developing a mild diaper rash yesterday, so I'd had some diaper rash ointment I'd left on the coffee table, look who found it.

Not too happy that we confiscated it.


Summer Lewis said...

He is so stinking cute...and huge. I realized looking at his pictures how much he looks like Stephen. I still haven't taken Ellie in for her 9 month (and she just hit 10), but she'll probably be just average, maybe even slightly below. I was the same way.

Megan said...

Yep--Camryn's always been in the 95th % and up for height, the 90th % for head size (big head baby!!!) and the 80th % or so for weight. She's such a big girl. Let's hope she's taller than me when she hits teenagerhood--I was always annoyed about being completely average in the height department, neither tall nor short. And if Camryn's taller than me, maybe she won't try and borrow my clothes! Though, come to think of it, what teenager wants to borrow their MOM'S clothes anyway?

linda said...

James is a tall, lean baby just like Stephen was. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues as he gets older. Colin started out chubby, but he thinned out as he got older. The other boys were at the top of the charts on all counts. Nathan's head was so big that they kept checking to make sure he did not have hydrocephalus.