Monday, February 27, 2012

part two

okay, sorry but that last post erased about 90% of what i wrote after i downloaded the pix. blogging on phones really doesnt work that great. the pix in the last post showed james eating a qeusadilla that i sneaked spinach into. my weak attempts to get him to eat veggies. he ate about 30% before he realized it tasted differently and that he didn't like it. i recently started drinking smoothies again for breakfast, james likes those alot, and i always put spinach in them, so he is getting some veggies. what i really want or need is this cookbook called the sneaky chef. but the problem is not just veggies but most ffod in general. i have to bribe him with mnms half the time just to eat dinner. sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. any tips.

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Sarah B Heath said...

Oh Melly, you know my food issue battles with Scarlett Priscilla. Here is what the OT told us to do 3x a week, play with food. Literally smear a plate with ketchup or ranch dressing or pudding and then dip crackers or veggies in the liquid and "play". No expectations of eating, but model the playing, like "look at this broccoli tree! I'm making a forest!" Then lick it and say "Can you lick a tree too?" Her OT encourages combining a food she likes, with something she doesn't like to try something new.We just back from NC, and she became pickier than ever. Since we were on vacation I let her eat whatever she want, so we're back into this stuff again.
Oh yeah, Scarlett detects the slightest alteration in taste. The girl wouldn't even drink OJ when she had a double ear infection, because it had amoxicillin in it and she didn't like it!!