Monday, June 29, 2009

Never Meant To Be

So, the Brinton Weekend a little over a week ago never really worked out. Why? The Rain Gods have decided to make Utah the new Oregon/Washington. For the past month and a half it has rained every other day here. That's why the waterpark day didn't work out. But I think it's because I wasn't meant to wear a bathing suit out in public in my current condition. Not the pregnant condition but the fact that I'm a blimp right now, THAT condition. I'm not complaining about the rain. Although it's still pretty hot, it could/would be much much hotter without it.So we all went to Chuckarama's for lunch instead. Not the same but still fun times with the family. I got to see some cousins I haven't seen in a while, as well as my family. As soon as my sis sends some pix I'll post them. Something that was cute that weekend though, my niece Eli LOVES Stephen. She was following him around, and making him pick her up. She wasn't happy unless he was right next to her. If he wasn't carrying her, she would hold his finger, wouldn't let go, and would make him walk with her/follow her around. It was soooo cute though. Maybe she had a little crush, she's turning 2 at the end of the summer.

So, the swine flu is getting worse, last Sunday (not yesterday) they canceled all meetings except for Sacrament, (Which is funny because that where we are all together anyways) because several members of our ward have/had the swine flu. And guess what? Stephen just happens to home teach one of those people, he didn't know but found out when he went home teaching yesterday. The girl send she had it a month ago. But still, I started freaking out when Stephen got home and told me. Just because I get everything.

So... on a lighter note, guess who was screaming hysterically yesterday at church? Me! Why, you ask? Well, during the closing hymn I felt something touching my lower neck/chest area. I looked down thinking one of my hairs had fallen and there I see the most disgusting centipede!!!I started screaming/jumping in my seat slapping at my chest while Stephen has no idea what's going on, is embarrassed and shouting "Relax, RELAX!" Did I? NO. I HATE insects. And it doesn't help that right above our front door (our only door) a couple of feet above it is a hornets' nest. Anyone have a bee-keepers hat? Stephen wants to get ride of it himself, but I worry about him having 50 hornets stinging him and trying to get in through his mouth/nose/ears etc. I guess I've seen "My Girl" one too many times, right?

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linda said...

I'm glad that they are using some caution about the flu, but the fact is that most people who have it don't have severe symptoms, and may not even be aware that they have it. You are young and healthy, and I'm sure that you will be fine.