Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saying Goodbyes

As mentioned in a previous blog post we had a "24" group of friends with whom we watched the show 24. Mostly Stephen's mission buddies who have remained good friends after the mission. Well, we are all parting this year to go our own ways since we're done with school. The first to leave are Cory and Charisse Stephens. Charisse, who is only 23, got a full ride to get her Masters and PhD at Berkeley. (In other words, she's a genius.) And Cory is doing Teach America in the Bay Area. So we had a little good bye thing going on this weekend. Charisse's grandparents have a cabin down in Parowan, UT, or Brian's Head, UT and so she and Cory invited us and Chris and Valerie Harmon (our 24 group) to spend the weekend there. (Valerie by the way is 19 weeks pregnant, and just found out last week that they are having a boy!!) The first night there (Friday night) was a little, okay...VERY, nerve wracking for me. First of all I'm not a bug person, so it didn't help that the place was infested with spiders. Not little ones mind you, the BIG MOUNTAIN SPIDERS. In our room alone Stephen killed 5 big ones within the first 15 minutes. Not to mention there were some in the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, etc. As we were going to bed I told Steve to inspect the room. So he looked under the bed and said that there were just some dead ones. So I had to look, I don't know why, but under the bed there were like 10 huge dead spiders curled up on their backs. I started panicking and could feel an attack coming on, I was about to get into my side of the bed when I thought about there being spiders in the bed. So I told Stephen to check the sheets. Boy am I glad he did. The minute he flips over the sheets (on my side of the bed) I spot something black about the size of my two thumbs put together, but there were no legs, (or at least there weren't any long visible ones like a spider with a body of that size should have). As we looked closer (it was at night and the light was dim) we heard a low rumble. It was a flippin' BUMBLE BEE! IN THE BED! (WHAT THE...?) And it was huge and still very alive. I started screaming "kill it, KILL IT" and handed Stephen my shoe. He had to hit it like, 5 times before it finally was pulverized. Needless to say, we ended up sleeping with the light on, at my request. But other than that we had a lot of fun, watching movies, playing games, taking turns cooking meals and then eating them together. I even went on a hike with everyone, Stephen had to walk about 1/2 a mile behind everyone to help me, but we did it. It was a lot of fun. We attended sacrament in Parowan on Sunday, and driving through the city every house had a flag in front of it. As we got out we made a comment about how patriotic the town was. At this Charisse informed us that it was "flag day." Yes, I'm an idiot. Anyways, it was a fun weekend, and once I get some pixs back I'll post them. :)


linda said...

I was laughing as I read your spider saga. When I was little, I saw some cheesy movie where there was a little girl bitten by a black widow spider lurking in her bed. So, of course, for a long time afterwards, I had to peel back the covers and inspect the sheets of every bed before I would climb into it. I never did see any spiders, so I guess I finally gave up the search.

Megan said...

Once upon a time, I was vacationing at a mountain cabin with my Girl Scout troop, and one morning I (and two of my friends) found a gigantic mountain spider in the kitchen whose body was the size of my thumb--and I have really big thumbs! Everyone was screaming hysterically, and mid-scream, I looked down to find my friend Layne's hiking boots right in front of me. (Layne was not present at the time.) So, knowing no one ELSE would save us, I picked up one of Layne's boots and threw it at the spider, killing it with one blow. Bwa ha ha!!! Later Layne came downstairs and put on her boots, and I had to look away (partly out of guilt, and partly to choke back the giggles threatening to give me away.) To this day she never found that I abused her footwear to save my own life. I'm sure she would have forgiven me, though!