Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Longer Toothless

James got his first two bottom teeth about March 12th. We would have put pictures up sooner, but it was so hard to get a good one. So, I finally pinned him down and took some here they are:

He always gives me this suspicious look.

Here are some more pictures for good measure:

There's that look again.

Hurray he's almost holding the bottle sans help.


Sarah said...


I can't believe how fast kids grow. We were at Home Depot yesterday, and little girl in a cart yells out to me, "I lost my first tooth!"

And get this, she got $4 big ones for it. I think we usually got a quarter, maybe two.

Anyway, that will be Sweet Baby James before too long :(

We need to see you guys again, and soon!!!

linda said...

James is a doll! It was so fun to spend time with all of you this week. Can't wait to see you again!