Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Extravaganza

Easter weekend was packed with fun, which is a good thing since we were thoroughly disappointed that Stephen couldn't get the days off he needed that week to fly up to Couer D'Alene for his police officer testing stuff. We are still doing the CHP application, but it's always good not to put all your eggs in one basket. Oh, well. Let's just hope something works out. The place that Stephen is working now is trying hard to keep him, so their putting him in Sales, and are giving him a raise, but we're not sure how much it will be yet. So, back to Easter Weekend; first Linda and Jeff came out, dinner with them on Wednesday, and again on Thursday joined by the Taylor Von Trapps. Friday we went to Stephen's mission reunion, which was the last reunion he had to see his mission president. (His president is from Chile and for the past three years his church calling brought him here for April Conference, but he was supposed to get released so...sad face here.)

James meet his BFF again, Layton Micheal Harmon who is now over 4 months.

Saturday we breakfasted with Karl, Megan, and Camryn while watching conference, then we went to Stephen's Aunt's house (Diane) for dinner, an Easter egg hunt, socializing, etc. Too bad Priesthood session was the same time as the egg hunt, Stephen didn't get to see his son's first egg hunt. :( Sad face. Well, there's always next year.
Here everyone is waiting to go outside. Karl was especially eager. hehehe.

The egg hunt really consisted of Grandma Taylor carrying James around and picking up eggs, and then me eating the candy inside. :)

BTW Diane has the cutest dog, and I'm not a dog person in general.

Sunday, Easter, we watched conference and then had an Easter dinner at Stephen and Tracy's. I made a superb Russian salad...that nobody ate. They didn't even try it. Everyone passed it. It was really good. I think it's because it had beets in it. I usually am not a fan, but when they're pickled...yumyumyum. Stephen didn't even get any, but I told him he better go back to get some. Here it is.

And then Tuesday Linda babysat so we could go to the temple. We haven't gone in almost a year, yikes. Thanks Linda!!! Well, that was our Easter, hope yours was good.

P.S. Sorry I haven't blogged in forever, we don't have the Internet anymore. VERY SAD FACE.

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linda said...

We had a wonderful week visiting you, and it was so fun to spend time with James. By the way, I ate your salad and I thought it was great! (But I have always liked pickled beets...)