Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swing Swing Swing

James is learning that he likes Summer, because we go to the park and swing.

Plus, yesterday we had our second play date with 2 other moms in our ward and their little baby boys. It was cute. There were lots of tears and confusion as every little one had the belief that everything belonged to them. hehehe. I love bebes.


Megan said...

Yes, Camryn isn't a fan of sharing either. I call Preston and Camryn the king and queen of the Taylor family not only because they're the oldest, but ALSO because they're both strong-willed, independent, and not all that interested in sharing with others! It was sweet to watch them play, but Becky and I seriously had to be on our toes with "No"s and replacement toys ready!

I love those pics of James on the swing--I can almost hear him squealing with delight!!! Spring, summer, and early fall are by far the best times for kids!

linda said...

James looks like he loves the swing! Did he cry when it was time to get off? My kids usually did, especially when they had to get off to give someone else a turn. Taking turns and sharing toys are difficult concepts for little ones.