Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Taylors Clanning Around

This is late I know, we don't have the internet still so I'm updating my blog at Mcdees. Thank goodness they offer free WiFi. About a week and a half ago Stephen's mom, dad, sister and her husband came out and we had a lot of fun. It's funny how when you live near family we all seem to get on each others' nerves, but then when we all live far about we realize how much we miss, and really do, love them. At least that's how I feel. Am I the only one? Wish I had more pictures of us all spending time together but the only pictures I got were at the Taylor Reunion on Saturday. Here they are: The house where we had the reunion was soo beautiful!

And here we are eating ice creams at Mcdees

Ahhh my computer is about to die!


linda said...

What fun memories! I love looking at your pictures. I agree that we often value family relationships more when we don't get to see each other as much. But I sure enjoy being around my family, and having fun times together. I loved being on the cruise, for example, and having the chance to see everyone each day, while still having the autonomy to do our own things as well. I can't wait for the next visit!

Sarah said...

I loved getting to hang out with you guys so much! I'll have to post about our trip (maybe this weekend?) when I can scratch out the time.

I'm already missing everybody. We'll have to plan another trip and STAT!

Summer Lewis said...

I had the craziest dream about you last night. You were bearing your testimony at a gas station and your hair was all bleached and it was nuts. Anyway, we miss you guys!