Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well, I'm in California at my In-Laws finally able to catch up on my blog a little. The trouble is I'm trying to remember what I've done the last four months that is so terribly interesting or important. So... to recap what's happened here is a small list: Our 3 year wedding anniversary on September 28th, 2010, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For our three year wedding anniversary we went out to an Indian restaurant, and hardly spent any money (thanks to Karl and Megan's coupon, thanks guys!!!!). We thought it wouldn't be as great having to take James out, especially since the last four months James has been very screamy. (Is that a word?) Luckily, James loves Indian food, like his mommy, and was quiet as long as we stuffed his mouth with food. Next, Halloween. For Halloween I made James a cute lion costume, to which I added horns, but nobody noticed them and everyone thought he was just a lion, but he was actually supposed to be the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. I was Belle, and Stephen was going to be Gaston, BUT he wasn't because he started acting like a punk like every single year he does and decides (literally days before Halloween) that he wants to do his own thing. I was able to persuade him to try and do something at least Beauty and the Beast related, so he went as Cogsworth, which nobody got. Whatever, I'm more hopeful for Halloween next year, especially since I told him he could pick the Costume theme. We went to Stephen's Halloween work party Friday during lunch, then that night we went to our ward's Trunck or Treat, which was fun fun fun!! Have I mentioned I love our ward. It's not that I haven't liked our last ward's, but Provo ward's that have mostly newly married students can be very difficult to make friends in. Our new ward is full of young families done with school and staring out in life. There are tons of kids in our ward, so for Halloween I tried to make sure we had tons of treats. I made two batches of brownies, and decided that that might not be enough, and then made a cake as well. There was a total of 110 slices total of the three different batches. We also brought some traditional Halloween candy. By the end of the night we had one brownie left and half a bag of candy. Then Sunday we had a Halloween dinner at Karl and Megan's, but by that time I had already worn my costume twice and was done, so only dressed up James, but here are some cute pictures of us at the work party on Friday.
For Thanksgiving the plan was to go out to Coeur d'Alene, ID and spend the holiday with my family, but there was a big storm, literally the day before we wanted to go. So, because the roads were icy and unsafe we had to stay in Utah. Ugh! But, we went to Uncle Stephen and Aunt Tracy's and still had a lot of fun. Here we are at their place These next two were the day after Thanksgiving.

These next pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. We had gone to Temple Square to see the lights, and let me tell you Saturday was a bad day to go because it was sooooo crowded!

These were also taken a couple weeks ago James was opening his presents from Uncle Karl and Aunt Megan. Thank-You!
And here we are at the rest home my Grandma Jeanne is at. We originally were going to use this picture to send out with Christmas cards, but that didn't go so well. We didn't have internet so it was difficult to get everyone's addresses so...again, maybe next year.

Currently we are still in Loomis, CA and haven't finished our Christmas/New Year Holidays yet, and will post it later. Stay Tuned...And Late Merry Christmas!! AND a Happy New Year!!!


Megan said...

Yay!!! I was so glad to see a new post. Even though I see you guys all the time, it's nice to hear your perspective on what's going on in your life!

Summer Lewis said...

Me too! I can't believe how big James is. He has way more hair than Ellie!

Josh + Jul said...

Wow, your little one is getting SO big!! You guys look great! :) Happy Holidays!!

linda said...

How fun it was to get home and see that you had a new post. We really enjoyed having you here and feel sad that you are gone. We hope to see you again SOON!