Friday, April 8, 2011

Madder Than Heck...

Anyone else out their as upset as me about what's going on in the government right now?!?! It's ridiculous!!! I know this is very political and sensitive topic, and I will probably get a lot of angry comments from the left...but I really don't care. What I don't get is why democrats would rather continue funding woman out their that want to get an abortion (aka: kill an innocent unborn child) rather than fund people in the military that are risking their lives, despite the fact that they have thier own families at home to support. Wives, husbands, children, etc. praying for them every day so that they can get home soemday safely. These men and women risk their lives for us, and in return they are just getting slapped in the face and told "Hey, sorry, but we'd rather give money to irresponsible woman (who couldn't use protection for heaven sake, or practice some self-restraint/abstinence) who don't want to take any responsibility for their actions, (and can only think of themselves and use the easy way out) rather than woman and men who are dying for this country." It's sick. Why don't people who want abortions for once in their selfish lives think about someone other than themselves, save an unborn child, and find the child a nice home to go to, a home where a couple has been waiting years and years for that child to be a part of their family. You know what, being pregnant isn't easy, or fun, but when you look at your life and think how short 9 months is, is it really that long to sacrifice for that child. If you say "yes" than you are a selfish person and a contributor to why this country is falling apart. (One of the reasons this country is falling apart is because people can only think about themselves, and what they want.) It seems to me that the democrats pushing for funding abortions in "Planned Parenthood" would rather see unborn children aborted, and children of parents in the military go hungry than do what's best for everyone all around. It's sick, it's upsetting. Does anyone else find this as ridiculous as me? (Note: I don't think all democrats are bad, just the ones that are pushing for "Planned Parenthood" funding abortions rather than those people that are in the military.)

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