Sunday, April 17, 2011

Look How Big He Is

James finally had his 18 month check up at 20.5 months. I waited to take him to get his shots because this last winter he kept getting sick on and off. It all started when started going to nursery. (Come on people, it's okay if you stay home with your sick kids. No one is going to freak out and think you're going inactive.) Tons of kids playing in one room with the same toys, putting things in their mouths. It's bound to happen. Sorry...tangent...anyway he had his check-up. Latest news is he is allergic to strawberries. Nothing too serious, but he does develop a slight rash around the yahoos when he eats them. He also has allergies in general, and has been wheezing a tiny bit lately. Unfortunately that started after his check up, but if he keeps on doing it we'll have to take him back. At 20.5 months James weighs 28.4 pounds (76% percentile) is 35 inches tall (95% percentile) and his head is 49 cm. (85% percentile). The doctor told me by now he should be saying 20-30 words. Now that freaked me out because I only recall like 5 words he says on a regular basis. I had to sit down and write a list of all the words I've heard him say. Here they are: NO, STOP-IT, DON'T, THAT, YES/YEAH, THANK-YOU, HELLO/HI, BYE-BYE, MOM, DAD/DADDY, UP, CUP, WOW, UH-OH, LOVE-YOU (one rare ocassion I heard him say it, but that was the only time). He also makes some sound effects that the doctor said is more common for boys to say first instead of words. They are: POW-POW, KNOCK-KNOCK, MOO, and LA. Then there are a lot of other things he understands but just can't say yet. We're still working on it though. Oh, and by the way...James loves his Daddy!!

Not a whole lot going on. We had a Relief Society Church Activity making Fun Bags for little kids at the Children's Hospital in SLC on Thursday. While we were making it some gals in our ward brought pizza and so here I was trying to be good and eating one piece of pizza and one breadstick. Well at my table there were these two gals, (about my age, my height) who looked like they were both about a size 0. One of them had gobbled up 4 pieces and two breadsticks and the other had eaten 3 pieces and 2 breadsticks. Where do they put it, seriously?!?! So then I thought, these girls must be runners. But then we got on the topic of running because there's this gal in our church that has cancer and another gal at my table was going to do a cancer run to support her. Then they (all the ladies at my table) started taking about how out of shape they were and how they need to work out BLAH BLAH BLAH. I was the biggest person at my table. I'm a size 10. How do these people stay so skinny if they don't work out. I'm not saying I want to be a size 0, which I think actually looks kind of scary, but I'm pretty happy between size 6-8. JEEZ! Anyway, enough of me ranting about how unfair it is that some people just have naturally fast metabolisms. I should be happy because...drumroll please. I have lost 20 pounds in the last year starting from the time I started working out everyday (except Sundays and some Saturdays) and eating healthier to now. Everyday for one year I've worked out, even through the crappy winter weather and when I've been sick I've still walked slowly on the treadmill. Anywhere from 2-4 miles a day, plus 45 minutes of crunches, push-ups (girl style), lifting weights, etc. I'm hoping I can reach my goal by October. I have about 15 pounds left. I'm sure a couple of you have also been wondering what I've sewn lately. Here are just a few things. I haven't sewn as much in the past 3 months, but here's what I have made. (Heads up, I look silly in these pix because Stephen got tired of me wanting to look at every single pix after he took it, so he took a bunch of candid shots of me goofing off and I had to pick from amoung them, and let me tell you they were slim pickings. Admittedly I'm not very photogenic.)


Summer Lewis said...

You're a babe!

Sarah said...

You are so talented and look AMAZING! And I am in such awe of your dedication to working out. It has certainly paid off, and I am seriously so impressed--to not even take a break when yo were sick! Wow!

And your clothes are adorable. I loved them all. That blue shirt with the flowers is beyond enviable.

Oh, and once again, the clothes you made for Violet are so precious. I can't wait for warmer weather so she can wear the summery little dress. You are truly gifted.

clutchmonkey said...

You look fantastic! You look perfect! You have curves, which is sooo much sexier than a size zero. You are inspiring to me, your dedication has absolutely paid off. James is so handsome, and so tall. Can't wait to see him in a few months.
I love all the clothes. Especially the plum blouse, it is flattering and gorgeous. I have piles of pre-Scarlett clothing that I long to wear, and it will probably be a good year until I can. I love devouring savory treats much more than depriving myself! I can't understand how one can live a content life without a passion for amazing food. All in moderation of course, and exercise. Congrats on being healthy and losing it the SMART way!

linda said...

What cute clothes! You have a great imagination, and an ability to envision something and then actually make it happen. I want to know how you did the ruffling on the blue blouse.