Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good News

Guess what? After 2 years of not being able to wear my wedding ring, starting around my 5th month of pregnancy, I've finally lost enough weight to wear it again. Okay so it's not a huge deal for you all, but it's a big deal to me. I really like the wedding ring Stephen got me, and admittedly I've been kind of sick of wearing the expandable one I got for like $3. TA DA! Here it is.

Other news? Well you might have guessed we have internet again. Woohoo!!! 9 long months, and believe me we have felt it. Well, at least I have. Stephen had the internet at work so for him it wasn't as much of a deal not to have it as it was for me. We're splitting internet with our neighbor and paying half the cost. So, it's a two-way benefit. But I'm sure you guys don't care about that stuff, you're probably all wondering how James is. He's good, and difficult as ever. I've finally come up with a solution to his picky eating problem. Let me introduce you to "the time-out corner." (Okay so I'm too lazy to take a picture, but imagine a short hallway with a gate that has two doors behind it. The doors are childproofed, so...when he's put intime out, he's pretty much stuck there. No worries, it's only for about 2 minutes.)When he refuses to eat his food, he gets put in time out. Sound harsh? Well it's working! He's almost two, and I'm not going to have a kid that only eats PB&J sandwiches and string cheese, which is what his diet has mainly consisted of for the last few months. Now he eats at least half of the new foods we put in front of him. He might cry while he's eating it, but he still eats it. We're still working on vegetables. Next James news is that he has become a very kissy boy. He kisses all his stuffed animals, and kids in his books. Even if it's just a drawing of a kid and not a real picture of one. Here he is kissing his beloved doggy.

Lately is into shooting everything. He picks up this black tube that is part of the vacuum cleaner and runs around the house shouting "POW POW POW!" That's when I told Stephen we need to start being really careful about what we watch around him.

That's all the latest news I can think of. (Just an FYI, I'll only be updating my blog, as well as checking other peoples once a week on Sundays. I'm trying not to get back into the bad habit of wasting hours on the internet everyday.) Have a good week!

(p.s. I love this hat on James. It makes him look like a WWI pilot. teehee)
(p.p.s For any of you wondering about Stephen and the CHP application process, he finished everything up in March, FINALLY, and now we're waiting. So...who knows, but hopefully something will work out.)


Megan said...

it FEELS so good to fit into old things again. I dragged out a bunch of old summery clothes and tried a few things on, and was SO HAPPY they fit!!! I'm going to feel especially excited the day I get to wear dangly earrings again. I so, sooo love dangly earrings.

And I know the love/hate aspect of internet access. I'm oddly grateful my computer is inaccessible most of the day--it keeps me from zoning out when I should be playing with my girls. And buying things on eBay. And trolling other people's blogs and feeling inadequate because my life doesn't look like theirs. I resist all temptation to get a smartphone for this very reason. I hate seeing people stare into them while they should be doing more worthwhile things. LIVE your life!! Don't waste it looking at other people living theirs!!

Megan said...

Uh...not sure why the word "FEELS" is in all caps.