Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother I love you!

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. Stephen was sick, and James is at the end of whatever it is that he had, but they still managed to make it memorable. Well Stephen did, James was just his regular stinkery self. During sacrament the primary kids sang to us a song about mothers. It was sad actually because during one of the practices for the song that they sang yesterday for mother's day one of our students started crying. Stephen asked him if he was okay, but he just hid his face. I know he's in a step family but I don't know what the situation is, if his parents got divorced, or if his mother passed away. It pulled at my heart though and I almost started to cry with him. Anyway...Because I was the only one not sick I had to teach by myself yesterday. Stephen and I teach the 5-6 year olds at church. Word to the wise, if you ever get assigned to teach junior primary treats work. That is the only way to get them to behave. I know they discourage it. But, it's the only way to keep sane and it works. We have 9 students, but we usually have about 5-7 kids show up every Sunday. Treats work. Our system is that for every 3 questions that they answer they get a dum dum. And the dum dums are so small I don't feel guilty giving them out. The maximum dum dums any given child will ever get during class is 3, but usually it's two. It keeps our kids in their seats and paying attention. Mostly. It's funny though. They are so desperate to get candy that they will just shout out gospel answers that have nothing to do with the lesson. For example: "Okay class, how old are we when we get baptised?" "Heavenly Father!" "Uh, Joseph Smith" "Pray and read your scriptures!" We have one little boy in our class who is autistic and every 5 minutes he gets up to ask me how many points he has. "Well, Brennen remember you have to answer a question to get a point." "But I asked a question. Don't I get a point." "Um...that's not how it works." But they're a fun class. Two of them are wanna be boyfriend and girlfriend and we have to remind them to sit in their own chairs, no kissing in class. Last Christmas before we got our classes rotated here is how one of our lessons went. (Yes I wrote it down, Stephen was teaching and it was just to hilarious not to.)
Stephen: Does everyone believe in Jesus?
Student: Some people don't believe in Santa!
Stephen: Well, some people don't believe in Jesus!
Student:Yeah like people in China, people in China don't believe in Jesus.
Stephen: Well...some do, but most don't.
Student: Yeah, like this one guy, he's Chinese, but lives in Japan. Do Japan people believe in Jesus?
Student: Jesus was resurrected on Easter?
Me: Well, His Resurrection is what made Easter. When He was born, that made Christmas. When He was resurrected that made Easter.
Student: Well, then what made Halloween?
Student: Maybe candy made Halloween!
Student: So, today we're learning about resurrections?
Me: Who wants a sucker? Ladies first, ladies first.
Student: Ahh man!

With all the funny things that go on in our class I've debated actually recording them and making a kind of comic book, like "Family Circus" but the kids are our students and not our actual children. Maybe we could call it "CTR Circus". Our class is CTR (Choose the Right) 5A.

Here's a picture of the two sickies.

Here's a shirt I made this last week. I look really frumpy in this picture. Hopefully I don't always look like this.

But the shirt really is cute. It only cost $1.50 for the fabric. Stephen and I went to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum. Tons of fun, sorry no pics, but I totally recommend it. James is getting his first pictures taken this Saturday and I'm super excited. Have a good week!


linda said...

I loved your narrative of kids comments. It is amazing what they will come up with, but also amazing how much insight they can have. I think that they sometimes understand more than we do.

Megan said...

I laughed out loud at your class stories!!! I can't wait til Camryn and Tamsin say the same kinds of things.

Where are you guys doing your pictures? I'd LOVE to hire a photographer to do some candid outdoorsy shots of la famille Taylor, you're well familiar with how Camryn acts around strangers, can you IMAGINE how it would go???

A Wink and a Smile said...

We're not all getting our pictures done, just James. We're actually getting them done at Walmart, I had to postpone it to next Saturday though because both Stephen and I are sick, we're on antibiotics. The only reason I'm getting them done though is because I won a $25 gift certificate to the Walmart Photography Studio. I thought it would be fun to get his pictures done like everyone else. I'm such a copycat.