Monday, May 23, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

On Saturday Stephen's work had their Summer Party a little early this year, and decided to have it a Salt Lake Bee's Baseball game. It was such a blast, despite the fact that I am not a sports person. First, we had a barbecue in the center field, then watched the game, and then there were fireworks. No matter how old I get summer barbecues and fireworks never get old. Every year they have a kind of raffle, and everyone in the office gets 2 tickets, well somehow Stephen did something nice in the office that got him 4 tickets, and so I thought, hey that will totally increase our odds. We only had 2 out of the 4 picked, and we were like the very last ones, so everything was kind of picked over. BTW, they do the raffle in such a way that everyone pretty much gets something. Out of like 64 tickets that were handed out like 58 were picked, so, anyway was still fun.

We ran into the SL Bee's mascot and James loved him. In fact, when I went to take him back after the picture was taken he was upset, he wanted to be held by the bee. He was the same way at Easter he took a picture with the Easter bunny, but afterwards he didn't want to leave to give the other kids a turn. Most kids are afraid of Santa, the Easter Bunny, Clowns, etc, until they are like 4. James, however loves seeing people dressed up as giant stuffed animals, or insects.

These are some good friends of ours, Mike and Becca Bell. Stephen works with Mike and works out with him, and I go walking with Becca in the mornings.

I was really excited for James to see the firworks but when they started he wouldn't even look at them he was so scared he just held onto Stephen for dear life until they ended. Hopefully he'll be better for the 4th of July.


linda said...

It has been so fun to see James again and see the little man that he is becoming. Thanks for the cute pictures of the ball game activities. I'm glad that he is feeling better, after the tummy troubles.

Becca Bell said...

I found your blog!! We had fun at that game too. Our foam hand has since been thrown away because it got ripped. It lasted a few days, which is a lot longer than we thought it would last. By the way, that's a pretty cute picture of me and Mike!