Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Say Cheese!! SAY IT!!!

Last Saturday James had his pictures taken, professionally (well... semi-professionally, it was at walmart) for the first time. At first he was okay for about five minutes so we got some good shots in, but then he started freaking out. I don't know if it was because the woman taking the pictures was kind of over the top bubbly and doing the baby talk (where's the bear? the bear is on my head googly goo!! say cheese) but he was not happy. She took a total of like 20 pictures, and only about 8 I found acceptable. I think next time I'll just ask my sis-n-law Megan to do it. James is familiar with her and she has an amazing camera. But you know how it is, for me it was always exciting to go and get our pictures taken. Although I hated to when I was a teenager because I hated how I looked. Anyways...here are some of the good ones that turned out. (yes, it's from the walmart website)

Ok so we chose the flag background because his birthday's in July and his name is historically patriotic, but when I went to go get James off the drop when we were done I noticed that it totally smelled like pee, and it wasn't James. I couldn't help but think "do they ever wash these things? especially with little kids sitting on it you never know when someones had an accident. I was too shy to tell the lady but after we pick up the pictures in 2 weeks I'm going to send a nice e-mail letting them know.

Other note, last week Stephen's parents were in town (sorry no pictures, I'm so bad at remembering to take them, I'll bring the camera, and then forget to use it.) They were nice enough to watch James so Stephen and I could go to the temple. I asked Linda if she would mind taking James to get a shot that he needed. Apparently when she took him to get his shot he was really good, which doesn't surprise me since he has only cried once in the last 2 years when he's gotten his shots taken, but what did surprise me was that after they gave him the shot he turned and said "thank-you." The nurse said that has never happened before. I was so proud because we've been working really hard making sure he always says please and thank-you. It's nice to know the hard work has paid off.


linda said...

The pictures of James turned out really cute. I am missing you guys already!

Sarah said...

I think they are adorable! James is such a darling! I am so looking forward to when we get to see you all again!