Thursday, July 14, 2011

Early Birthday Presies!

I know James' birthday technically is like...what, 8 days away? But next week we're going out of town so I have to show you now some of the cool things he got for his birthday. First he got this sweet little outfit from Grandma Taylor (minus the hat). My favorite part are the shoes. They are so cute!

BTW, he's crying because I won't let him have the camera.
Secondly is this outfit from Grandma Brinton. Actually I kind of picked it out. I came across it at a used children's store in Coeur D'Alene Idaho whilst visiting my family last week (pictures of vacation pending). The kids store is called "Babies and Beyond". When I saw it I knew I had to get it, and asked my mom if she wanted to get it for James as his birthday present.

It's used, so we got it for a pretty good price, but it looks brand new. A four piece suit! He's gonna be the most snazzy looking toddler at church. Watch out ladies! Actually it doesn't quite fit him yet, but it will in about 4-6 months. The bottoms look like shorts in the picture but they are pants.
And the following two are from Stephen and myself. We also got these at the same used kid store.

Unfortunatly James is taller than I thought so this church outfit won't fit him for very long. Maybe 2 months...hopefully.
And for the grand finale, the piece de resistance...TA DA!!!

Isn't it awesome. We got it for $9.98 and it retails on Amazon for $241.99! I don't think they make them anymore. Can you believe it? It comes with a retractable anchor, canons below deck, a plank, sails, and a pirate. I added the rest of the crew from James toy stash. The funny thing about that used kids place was that there were a lot of used toys that were in really great condition at really low cost, but a lot of the used clothes, not all but it seemed like most, weren't really that great of a bargain used. A lot of the stuff seemed like it would be the same price, possibly even cheaper brand new, but on clearance. Anyways, he got some sweet stuff. Originally I wanted to get him these for his birthday from Ikea to decorate his room and make it look more jungle-y.

The net comes in green, too. I'll have to get them for Christmas instead.


Megan said...

Don't you wish you were British? Because they get to use words like "presies" and "wellies" and "knackered" and "manky" and all SORTS of awesome expressions!!! And no one gives them weird looks. But I get plenty of weird looks when I say things like, "Ugghh...I'm too knackered to wipe those toys down, but they're all manky and gross." I was born on the wrong continent. The British are so much more interesting linguistically than Americans!!!

And you were right--that pirate ship is beyond amazing!!!

linda said...

I love the outfits and the pirate ship. I bet that Stephen will have as much fun playing with that ship as James does.

linda said...

In regards to Megan's linguistic remarks, I think that we should all feel free to invent words if we can't quite find the right way of expressing ourselves. I know that I do it all the time!