Friday, July 29, 2011

To Men of All Ages

Take note most women(ok so hopefully I'ts not just me that is like this)like things put in certain places. Plates on a certain shelf, toys in order, etc. We don't like things all scaddywompus. If you see something out on the countertop, don't just put it in the nearest drawer or shelf that you happen to come across, put it where it usually goes. If you are unsure, ask your wife. Don't just go sticking the diaper rash ointment in the drawer where the toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes go. Chances are she might just accidently use it as me...yesterday morning. Yep, still trying to get that taste out of my mouth.


linda said...

I am having sympathetic bad taste in my mouth right now just thinking about your mishap. So did that merit a call to poison control? I can just imagine it now.

Once my mom put Brillcream hair stuff on my brother's toothbrush by accident when he was in the hospital after having eye surgery. That was a nasty surprise!

Megan said...

I NEARLY DID THAT AS WELL!!! And I can always tell when Karl's unloaded the dishwasher (aside from the fact that, if I didn't do it, then it must have been him, seeing as neither of our offspring have shown any predilection for pulling their own weight around here). Things end up in the oddest of places. Though nothing--NOTHING!!!--is worse than mistaking one tube for another. On a sort-of related note, one time Karl and I used this super-duper strong contact cleaner (the kind with a special case to let it off-gas overnight). It came with a bright red top as well to warn users THIS WAS NOT FOR EYES. Not only did we completely disregard the special cases, BUT we forgot and used the no-no bottle to rinse our contacts before putting them in our eyes. I've NEVER been in so much pain before!!! We both were screaming and running around trying to pry our own eyes open before we went blind from chemical burns. Yikes. That taught us to read AND RESPECT labels.