Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation Month

This last month has felt like such a vacation. We were gone for the first week and a half of July visiting my family in Idaho(post still pending), and then we just got back very late last night, or should I say very early this morning from another one. We just went down to Southern California to go to a Taylor family reunion. It was so much fun and really quick, we flew down on Friday. Friday night we spent the night at my sister Mindy's house and she had a little surprise birthday party waiting for James, who turned two on Saturday. Here are some pictures

We put two candles on some mini brownies with blue frosting, sang Happy Birthday, and tried to get him in close to blow out the candles, but he started freaking out. I don't know if it was the candles or everyone singing to him, or the lights being out, I think it was the candles because you can see him trying to push away from them in that last picture.
While at their house he came across this, and it was love at first sight. I guess I know what I'm getting James for Christmas. Some Toy Story action figures, and probably Toy Story 3.

The next day we went down to the beach in Encinitas for the big Taylor family reunion. It was a lot of fun, it reminded me of how much I totally miss the beach. The good thing about the beach is that it's free and everyone loves it. Well we did, and James had a blast.

Here's a Where's Waldo for ya, try and find Uncle Stephen and Aunt Tracy...

On Sunday we went down to Balboa Park to here some professional Organist and then we walked around a bit.

And on Monday we went to Knott's Berry Farm, unfortunatly we couldn't stay too long because we had to catch a flight. I'm one of those people that could spend all day at an amusement park and not get bored.

Some funny things that happened Monday, funny now that everything turned out ok, not so funny in the moment. When Linda tried to check us in on Monday she couldn't, or at least Jet Blue didn't let her because according to the information we gave them when we bought our plane tickets James was to old to sit on our laps on the returning flight because he turned two during our trip, which made me super angry at the time because when we bought the tickets they didn't say then that we needed to get him a ticket for the returning flight. So we started freaking out, especially because 1. our flight coming out was full and what if there were no empty spots, and 2. we couldn't come out on a later flight because Stephen had to take the ASVAB test the next day as part of his application process to get into the army. Jeff tried talking to some people online but they were unreasonable, so we decided to just go and if they wouldn't let us on the plane then we would get him a ticket. Well, we used the kiosk to check in and get our tickets, and we were able to get them just fine without having to get James a seat. Phew. Although I think maybe they didn't make us buy him one because that flight was full and it would be easier to make him sit on our lap then have to bump someone. They are lame. But at least now we know. Second drama that happened at the airport, I'm going through the scanner and the guy said I had to go through again because the alarm went off, realizing I had left my belt on I took it off thinking then there would be no problem, but the alarm went off again. Then I thought, ok, they will take one of their hand held metal detectors and see that I'm good. Actually they swipped my hands and James' with some kind of wet wipe and then put it through the scanner. It started flashing warning explosive chemical detected. They called over security personel and I'm thinking come on, I'm just a mommy with a two year old. They went through all of my stuff and then had Stephen watch it while they pat me down. It wasn't as bad as I had imagined, but it was just embarrassing feeling like everyone was looking at me like I was some kind of threat. (Although actually they didn't because they seemed confused when they saw me and my son, and I think that they were thinking that it was just some kind of mistake) After they pat me down one asked me if I had been using some kind of lotion or sunblock. I said sunblock, and she said sometimes that can set it off. Sounds like great equipment that they have, right? Plus, it didn't help that Stephen was wearing his Front Sight hat while he was with me, they started asking us all sorts of questions. The minute they were done checking me they started boarding our plane. second phew of that day. Note to self, wash hands thoroughly after applying sunblock and before flying.

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Megan said...

TSA is retarded. Plain and simple. But I'm so glad you had fun!!! Come see us soon!