Wednesday, August 3, 2011


If you want to know something about me, know this: I love murder mysteries. Maybe that makes me sound like a gruesome type of person, but I do. I don't really like to watch the part when they get murdered, usually I just wait for the actual killing part to pass quickly. What I love is the who done it, and why. With that said I should probably say that becasue I am such a mystery fan I love Hitchcock movies (except for The Birds because there is no mystery and nothing get resolved, which I hate it when that happens in movies or books) and Agatha Christie. I know that is so cliche because she is the queen of crime...blah blah blah. I have read most of the Miss Marple books, and quite a few of her Poirot books as well. Just in the last 10 years they have redone the Miss Marple series. (T.V. series that is.) Back in the 80's they did a whole series of them which are good, but you have to check out the new series. (You might want to pase the playlist of music on the side before watching the video.)
After a couple seasons the woman playing Miss Marple retired and they got someone else to finish her charachter out for the rest of the season. I like the first lady better, but they're still pretty good. My favorite's are "The Moving Finger" "4:50 from Paddington" "Murder at the Vicarage" and "A Murder is Announced". Oh, and "Towards Zero". They are really good, although they tend to have more sexuality, and other things than originally intended in the actual books. (Ordeal by Innocence is actually kind of creepy, I would avoid that one)
I tried to find a preview for Poirot to embed also but had some difficulty, but you can check it out here.

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Megan said...

I am CRAZY about Agatha Christie, as you know. Though I always laugh at her earliest mysteries, which are SO FULL of racial stereotypes. Love it!!! Don't you wish you were British sometimes? I love Paris, but I totally envy the Brits.

And I must say I LOVE that new pic of James! Perfect!!!