Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot Off The Press

For those of you wondering how Stephen did on his ASVAB test h just got home, so here are the results: He got a 135, which is supposed to be very good, he got ranked at the 96th percentile out of 99, so he is in the top 4% percent meaning because his score was so good, he pretty much gets to pick whatever he would want to do in the army. His top choice is to become a helicopter pilot, but for that you usually have to have pilot experience, which Stephen doesn't, but hopefully he can find a way to make it work. Now we just have to get his reference letters, transcripts, etc. turned in. Plus, he has to pass the physical test and you have to be able to do a minimum of 39 push-ups, and run 2 miles in 17 minutes. So, he's working on the physical requirements right now as well. So, keep your fingers crossed.


Megan said...

AWESOME!!! We were so curious, but we knew he'd do well. Karl is offering to train with Stephen if he wants to. (Karl could use it.)

Becca Bell said...

I'm so glad to hear that!!!

linda said...

Congratulations to Stephen! We were praying hard for him, and we knew that he would do well.