Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Vacation Prequel

I know this is coming way after the fact, like a month late, but I wanted everyone to see our first vacation of the summer. At the beginning of July Stephen, James and I went to Couer D'Alene Idaho for over a week to spend time with my family. We actually refer to this summertime gathering as "Cousins Camp". We got the phrase from my sister Megan's in-laws. Once a year her husbands side of the family have a week where all the grand-kids ages 5 and up go to their Aunt's house and spend a week with just the cousins, no other adults but the one's that are hosting it. Well, even though at my families we do include all of the adults, we still call it cousin's camp because the purpose of the get together is to do fun things that the kids want to do and give them a chance to see and get to know their cousins. In fact, my mom has a little plaque thing that says "Grandma's House: A place where cousins become best friends." While there we went to a water park/amusement park called Silverwood, and it was a blast. It took James awhile to warm up to the idea of playing where water is shooting out all over the place. We had a lot of fun. We also spent a lot of time in my parents backyard playing water games on teams, and we had a talent show. Here are some pictures:

It was at Cousin's camp that James discovered his love for water guns. Also, there was a point where all the kids were having a huge fight with the wet noodles and James had so much fun hitting other kids with these giant objects, that unfortunatley now he has brought this home and has started hitting other children with any object he comes across thinking that they are having fun, when in fact he just hurts them and makes them cry. Sorry again, cousin Tamsin!!!

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Megan said...

You shouldn't feel bad about that--you should see what Tamsin does to her sister's hair. Especially if it's arranged in tempting, taunting little piggytails. Tamsin likes to reach out, grab a handful, and PULL. And while Camryn never complains, I wouldn't blame her if she reached over and smacked Tamsin. I swear, my only job these days is referee--that's what I do ALL DAY LONG.