Thursday, November 5, 2009

Push Up Time

I've been working more lately (aka the last couple of weeks) on giving James some tummy time. The results are as follows:

James is a very happy baby, I can recall 5 times when he cried for absolutely no reason, and for a 3 month old that's not bad.
Stephen took these after making James laugh.

Upside Down Fun

And...getting ready for his interview.

(I did not do this, he fell asleep like this. :)

Next step is to get him to be a supported sitter. How does one do this? We bought him a Bumbo Play Station thing for $15 at a yard sale, but I'm afraid to put him in it. He hunches over and I'm afraid he's not ready for it yet. Any suggestions?


Summer Lewis said...

He's so cute I can't even handle it. Ellie's working on her tummy time too, but she tends to spit up half her food if I leave her on her tummy for too long. But she did roll over yesterday (but not since, she's a one time wonder).

Megan said...

Is it a bumbo seat? The one with the leg holes that looks like a booster? I always wanted one of those! Oh well...maybe I'll get one for the next kid.

Karl and I have a baby play station you guys can have as soon as James is ready! I think we started using it when Camryn was four months old--she was too little to sit up on her own, so I rolled up a few baby blankets and tucked them around her so she'd stay upright. She LOVED it! We'll clean it up and send it down your way one of these days!

Mandi and Junior said...

One thing I did to practice sitting was to just sit Nathan places with something behind him (couch, cushions etc). Another thing I did was sit him in my lap and hold his hands. I would let him lean back and help him sit up, over time making him work harder to pull himself up ;) I also have some exercises that help for rolling over if you want ;)

linda said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! He looks like he is gaining good upper body control. I think that it is good to give him all of the tummy time that he will allow; it strengthens all of the muscles that he will use for sitting, crawling, etc. It also increases eye hand coordination. Some babies don't like being on their tummy very much; in those cases, you just have to let them be unhappy for a little bit while they stretch those muscles.