Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too Much To Handle

What's too much to handle?

This guy, and these guys...

all at the same time. Being a new mom, cooking, cleaning and working out almost everyday for the last (almost) 2 months now in a feeble attempt to lose the remaining 35 pounds. Surprisingly in all that time I haven't shed a single pound. ARGH! Sugar gliders are actually kind of high maintenance. Why's that? Well unlike cats, dogs, birds, rodents, etc. where you can go to the grocery store and buy a huge bag of food and call it good, sugar gliders have a special diet. They have to eat fresh (or frozen) fruits and vegetables at every feeding(and they need to be different fruits and vegetables rotated for variety to get the appropriate nutrients.), and they are fed 2 times a day. They also need protein, you can buy protein pellets, but they also need other protein like boiled chicken, scrambled/boiled eggs. You can't just give them a huge amount in one feeding because they're small, they can only eat so much, and if it's been sitting out for more than like 10 hours they won't, or can't eat it. We know we tried. They are social animals and need to be handled regularly and because they're nocturnal they come awake at night. Just when I'm totally exhausted and want to go to bed. Plus with all the food that falls down to their poop tray it would rot and smell within one day, not to mention attract soo many fruit flies. I was going crazy!!! So why am I telling you all this? In hopes that no one will judge me when I say that after much thought we decided to give the gliders over to a new owner. Someone who would give them more attention than they've been getting in the last, what 4 months now? They are sooo cute, and maybe someday when we don't have babies and/or toddlers in the house, but right now they are just too much. So here' me saying goodbye to them, because last night someone came to pick them up.

The person that did said they had sugargliders years ago but when they moved into an apartment they couldn't take them. Now they have their own home and can. Plus the guy was giving them to his wife as a birthday present. Isn't that sweet?

On to a lighter note, here's James trying to crawl. He kicks so hard, but his arms aren't strong enough yet. Aw! GOOOO James!

Again Eating his hand.

And Daddy giving him raspberries under his chin.


Megan said...

I understand COMPLETELY--I don't know how Becky did it, caring for two cats AND a dog whilst raising baby Preston. Babies are SO MUCH WORK, and adding even one pet to the mix would have driven me insane!!! Plus, something to keep in mind as you anticipate the next stage of life: every apartment we've lived in requires between a $200 and $400 deposit PER pet, plus often a monthly maintenance fee. Until you have your own place, it can get pricey to have a furbaby! Hence the reason Karl and I are forbearing on a pet of our own--we'd love one, but...we're poor. And we have no home of our own. And I hate pet hair. So it might be awhile!

Summer Lewis said...

Oh, you're cute little gliders. While we were babysitting them I kept calling them sugarbabies. Anyway, I hope they have a wonderful new home!

Josh & Jul said...

You should get rats! I used to have sugargliders when I was younger, and I know how much work they can be. Rats are so much easier to take care of and they are very social and fun. Plus they can run around in those big hamster balls for exercise when you're too busy. :) Just a suggestion.

linda said...

There is only so much time in the day, and babies consume most of it when they are tiny. Sometimes we just have to let the other things in life go so that we can enjoy those fleeting moments (that will be gone oh so quickly!)

I love the new pictures of James. He is so darn cute!!!!