Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Laughs

So I got a mysterious call from my sister Megan on Saturday asking me if I'd checked my e-mail. With our parents in town (both mine and Stephen's) we'd been a little busy so I told her I would. She then giggled and said to make sure that I did. My sister Megan is very much (or was growing up) the prankster. You know the "pull-my-finger" type. So I got an e-mail from her titled "elfyourself" with a link. I went there and laughed so hard I think I scared James. Please go here to encounter your on pants-wetting experience. :D it's a video on the right, so you'll have to play it. Hilarious!!!

(BTW: if your wondering who those two people are, they're my parents.)

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linda said...

Well, I did not exactly wet my pants, but I did get a laugh. It is nice to see people of my "vintage" who can still engage in such athletic moves.