Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Christmas Work Party Skirt

(I've decided to start naming my sewing accomplishments) Last Saturday Stephen had his Christmas work party at Thanksgiving Point. It was pretty nice I was impressed. Unfortunately we forgot the camera; anyway for the party I wanted to wear something nice and new. But we don't really have money right now so I decided to sew something. Stephen had given me a gift card to Jo-anns for my b-day. All of the clearance fabric had an extra 50% off, so I got some nice stuff for pretty cheap. I made a skirt from one of the fabrics... it? It has a shimmer in it that makes it look almost wet.

I love the fabric. But the black stretchy fabric underneath was really hard to sew because it kept slipping, I should have used a stabilizer, but it was my first time sewing with this kind of fabric. Plus I was trying to do it so fast to wear to the party that the top looks a little sloppy, so I had to pull my shirt over the top part, but no one could tell, well...not that I knew of. I had started making a shirt too from an old skirt that I never wear, but didn't finish it in time for the party. In fact, I still need to finish, but I made a royal mistake that I don't know is fixable or not. I'll post it if I finish it. I actually made a mistake on the skirt as well. The underpart was a bit too long. It made it seem like I had a slip showing so I tried not to stand too much at the party. His work gift was a $50 dollar gift certificate to "The Honey Baked Ham Company" which we hear has really good cheesecake. On top of that Stephen got a $10 dollar Turkey voucher, and he was the only one in his department to get one. They only gave them to the salary paid people, but had one left over on accident. The head boss asked Stephen's boss Theresa who they should give it to, and she said Stephen. I'm so proud of him!


Megan said...

Go, turkey boy!!! Woo hoo!!!

I wish I had your sewing skills. That skirt looks fab. And don't worry about the underpart of your skirt showing--get some black lace or other kind of flashy trim and flaunt it!!! I just read about a site called that sells sassy slips to purposely show off under your skirt. Rrrowwl!

A Wink and a Smile said...

Wow those skirts/slips are gorgeouse, but YIKES are they pricey! I could make one for $10-15, with the help of Jo-anns coupons that is. :D

linda said...

Your "experiments" look fabulous. I like to get inspiration from clothes that I see, and then figure out how to do it myself (on a budget, of course!)

Sarah said...

I LOVE that fabric! And I am too scared to try anything that isn't strictly straight lines!