Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pre-baby projects

This is a little belated, but some of you will recall all the projects I had going before James was born. I wanted to post pictures after I was completely done, but since I haven't been able to sew a lot since his birth, I thought I would just show alla y'all how far I'd gotten before he was born.
Here is the quilt I had talked about. I still need to finish sewing it around the edges/finish it off.

(BTW the whole quilt was made from my mom's scraps; everything but the zebra, the giraffe, the cheetah, and the batting)
Here are some close up shots of the animals.

Here's a blanket I made, and I still need to put a back on it.)

I made a zebra boppy cover. (note:please ignore this hideous picture of me and look only at the boppy.)

Notice the Jungle themed nursery? Although now he is still sleeping in our room, and in bed with me once Stephen gets up at 5:30 to go to work everyday. He sleeps 5 hours straight just fine in his pack n play (although last night he slept 7 and 1/2 hours. Ahhh...heaven) but once he walks up after that 5 hours he will NOT go back to sleep in it, he only will fall asleep with me. Tres bizarre!?
The tie onesie...

This was pretty much the only thing I've made for him since he's been born. You can tell how much he loves it.

I wouldn't want to be seen in it either. I saw Lydia, Stephen's cousin, had made a really cute one. (see here) This is what happens when you try to crochet something after not crocheting for about 15? 16? years.
I made them all for this little guy.

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linda said...

Your quilt is amazing, and all of the other things are turning out so cute. I don't know how you can get it all done!