Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeding Time

James has just started eating cereal, to be more technical he started about 3 weeks ago. Just cereal though, you're suppose to wait on everything else until six months. I asked his pediatrician when we could start him on solids and she said we could start just the cereals at 5 months. So we did in hopes that he would start sleeping longer, but no dice. He still sleeps about 5 to 5and 1/2 hours straight, but I'd hoped for better. Maybe he'll have better luck with the other solids. So, here he is with cereal all over his mouth.

Dessert is his hands. He loves his hands, and his toes. Funny thing happened, I saw him cooing/jabbering to his hand before he furiously stuck it in his mouth. It's almost like he was saying "Prepare to meet your doom."

Good News...he has started taking real naps again. Somewhere around 2 months he stopped taking hour long naps and would just cat nap all day. Which made it so hard to get anything done. But starting about 3 weeks ago he started taking three 1 hour long naps a day. Hooray! Which gives me some time to myself.

Other news, Stephen and I have seriously started to try and lose weight...again. Well I had started exercising and in 1 and 1/2 months I lost 7 pounds, but somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas I gained it all back. Probably because between that time I didn't exercise at all, it's hard with family in town before and after Christmas, not to mention all the good food. We started going to the track after Christmas, but have had some obstacles. This is the second time I'm sick, actually I think my cold just went into recession. So I'm waiting to get better again so we can go. We were going for a good week, two miles a day. Not to mention some major vegetable eating for dinner, not quite vegetarian since we like our meat and it is winter, but our fridge is full of vegetables, not to mention the 7 pounds of carrots we've already eaten. My goal is to lose one pound a week. If I can do that, then I'll arrive at my pre-pregnancy weight by the time James is 1. Then after that my next goal will be to get to how much I weighed when I married Stephen, which was about 128. But I'm just going for the pre-pregnancy goal for now so I don't overwhelm myself.


Megan said...

Pretty soon you can do the hardest thing imaginable and IGNORE your crying child at night! This may require you pushing the bassinet into another room for the few days it takes. My pediatrician said all kids need pretty quick attention when they cry until they're about half a year old, and then it's time to take those reins back and be the boss. One night when Camryn was 7 months old, we finally had it with the midight wakey-wakey routine and simply closed our door and turned off the monitor when she cried. We could still hear her plaintive little wails through the wall, but they were definitely of a "poor little me" flavor and not a "really, guys, I'm in distress" flavor. One LONG night was all it took (usually it takes up to a week) but by that age NO kid needs a midnight snack. And it's best they learn it (however painful that life lesson is for parents and child alike).

Plus (ugh), soon enough James'll be sprouting teeth (especially those dreaded molars) and you'll be up again administering that blessed invention, Children's Motrin. But until then, take back your night and ENJOY it!!!

linda said...

Some of my kids started to become more wakeful as they hit the six month mark, and we did finally have to let them "cry it out" for a night or two. I guess that they needed to learn that just because they happened to wake up, they didn't necessarily need mommy or daddy to be able to settle back to sleep. (Of course, teething and other events change everything.)

Becky said...

Very cute pictures. I love little eaters! Preston wasn't a good sleeper AT ALL. He would be good for a few nights the terrible the next. We finally did the "cry it out" thing at 6 months. It wasn't perfect and it was TORTURE to do but it did make a huge difference for us.