Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Musical Lover

There are very very few musicals that I have either never heard at least one song from, or not heard of it, the musical, all together. With Valentine's Day coming I thought I would put some of my favorite love/marriage/heartache/happy ending songs from musicals up on a new love list, which will be playing on my blog. The songs already on it aren't even a fourth of my favorites. Some I couldn't find, and some I still need to put up, but with a baby it will take time. Be patient, and enjoy!


Megan said...

Musicals speak to my soul like no other music does! Sometimes I wish we could just sing our way through life (and in this imaginary life, I'd have a much better voice). I mean, seriously--Ewan McGregor could have just TOLD Nicole Kidman that he loved her, but when he leapt up on top of that elephant head and stretched his arms to the Parisian night sky, didn't you just believe him MORE?!? (Love that scene--love love love!)

I can't wait for your playlist!

linda said...

Music is such a powerful tool in carrying messages directly and unforgettably to our hearts. I guess that is one reason we have to be careful about what those messages are.

Summer Lewis said...

Um, you should know that Ben and I left your blog open just to listen to the music while we were working in the office. Seriously a fantastic selection!!!