Friday, November 4, 2011


I was on the computer, reading news at as I usually do in the morning when I came across this headline "FOX's GLEE to show gay teen sex for the first time." and then the article read "Gleeks you MUST tune in for next week’s episode of Glee, called “The First Time.” It’s without a doubt one of Glee‘s best installments ever and features two popular couples on the show having sex for the first time." One of the teenage couples is heterosexual, and one homosexual, and this episode is suppose to show both of them losing their virginity. Is any one else infuriated at this? This is a show that is highly popular amoung teenagers, and it's encouraging teenage sex. This makes me soooooo mad. I hate the approach that so many people have with teenagers and the whole sex thing. "It's going to happen, so we might as well just teach them how to do it in a safe way." WHATEVER!!! When I was in high school, surprisingly their weren't that many teens that were sexually active. Their were some, but not as many as I think some adults thought. I think the ones that were active in that way in high school are the ones saying that that is just what teens are doing. Who knows, maybe it really has changed alot since I was in high school, which was 10 years ago. Most of the ones that were sexually active, at least the girls, ended up having to deal with emotions that they weren't ready for yet. They would get attached, and most of the guys were not. People never want to show the consequences of these kind of actions. Not just possible STD's, which I will talk about in a minute, but emotional problems as well. I remember watching this news report about teenage girls in Chicago a few years ago and the percentage of STD's amoung them, and that was starting amoung teenage girls at the age of 14! I was shocked. And then another news report I saw a couple years ago talked about how 1 in every 4 New Yorkers is supposed to have some form of Herpes. The percentage numbers of STD's are at a scary high, all types, not just herpes but AIDS, etc. as well. And then there is the possibility of pregnancy, which if I can barely handle parenthood as an adult, I don't think a teenage couple can handle a baby. Most of the time when they do keep the child there is a cycle that starts, they're a teenage parent, and then their kids become teenage parents, too. I saw that happen soooo often amoung kids in my Junior High and High School in Northern CA. They can't go to college with kids, so they can't get better jobs, so they live in poverty, and then their kids think, "You had sex when you were my age, so if you tell me not to, that makes you a hypocrite." And then the cycle starts. Then the people that do decide to give up their kid for adoption a lot of the time wonder if they made the right choice, they have feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, and sometimes depression even if they think or know they made the right choice it's totally and completely normal to want your child, and feel sad about the circumstances in how things turned out. Sorry about my rantings, I just hate the whole encouragement of teenage sex, and how they make it seem so natural, and how we just need to accept it. Agh! Come on people, encourage teenagers to wait until thier older. There are so many high emotions amoung teenagers, they don't need sex added to it! It really is a big deal. Sheesh. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. (I just checked out this website that said there are 12 million cases of STD's a year in the US, and there are 300 million people living in the US, so what is that 25%? and then 25% of that 12 million are teenagers. Google it.)


Megan said...

This makes me so very, VERY mad. I knew of only a few girls in HS who were sexually active (my neighbor had her first baby in high school and now has a total of three kids with three different men--and she lives with her parents). Without exception, the girls I knew who were messing around had little to no self-esteem and did what they did to win the affection of guys in the hope that would give them a sense of value. It NEVER worked. Skanky high school guys are NOT in it for the long-term relationship. They're in it for sex. And they'll take it wherever it's offered. And so many of those girls came away disillusioned and feeling even more worthless.

I enjoyed the first episode of "Glee" when it aired and haven't watched a full episode since--the music is amazing, but the show is trash. I hate their portrayal of high school students as so mature and socially savvy. The older I get (ugh), the more I realize I knew nothing back then and know so very little now. And I'm terrified of the world my girls will grow up in and the influences they'll encounter. Good thing Karl's an involved dad who won't put up with anything untoward. Every girl needs a dad so awesome that she'll look for the very same qualities in the guys she dates.

linda said...

I agree that there is an overblown perception of the numbers of teenagers having sex, but I also think that it is a tragedy that it is accepted as normal behavior to engage in premarital intercourse. In fact, people are considered weird if they actually wait until they are married. How twisted is that?

A Wink and a Smile said...

My best friend in Middle School-High School had her mom die when she was 2 from brain trumors. Her dad became a bit of an alcholicand got involved with, yikes, a 14 year old girl whom my best friend refers to as mom, even though she never married her dad and then cheated on him with his brother. But that's another story. Anyway her mom(?) had two kids by her dod by the time she was a little over 16. Now those two girls that she had so very young both had two kids by the time they were both 16! And that actually was so very common amoung the teenage girls I knew where I grew up. Most of the ones that got pregnant as teenagers, their moms had them when they were teenagers.