Friday, November 18, 2011

Met his Match

James is known for having an ear-piercing, glass shattering high pitched scream that would scare even the demons back into their fiery holes. His scream is unparalleled. Until recently. We have some neighbors that live below us, and within the last few months I've noticed that their little boy has started screaming, AND he screams alll the time JUST LIKE JAMES. In fact we've even heard them screaming back and forth to ech other through the floor. One screams, and then the other would scream back. Thei daughetr screams too, pretty high and loud, but the boys have a higher pitch. Well, unfortunately they are moving, and as they were moving their stuff last night I offered to watch their kids and discover that their little boy actually screams slightly higher than James. In fact, there were some moments fighting over toys last night when they would scream at each other.

James was startled to have some other kid scream at him, and higher and louder too. I felt like saying to him, "See how I feel." Although he wouldn't really understand even if I did. We are really going to miss our neighbors the Westovers. Not to mention we share the internet with them, so now we will be without it for awhile, again. They leave today, and I offered to watch their kids again this morning. Can't wait for James to throw another fit, especially if Gavin, the boy, even thinks about touching his precious Buzz Lightyear, or his guns. Toy guns that is. He threw this huge fit last night when he tried to play with his Buzz last night, as you can see here.

I gave Gavin the fake Buzz, a toy I got at a yard sale for $1.

James is not fooled by fake Buzz. This is probably my last post for who knows how long, 'til we get internet. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


linda said...

It is somehow reassuring to find out that other people's kids have the same irritating habits as our own. I guess that we don't feel as alone in our bafflement.

I am sorry that you will not be able to post for awhile; I love reading your entries that make me feel connected to your life a little bit. (Maybe your new neighbors will want to share...)

Megan said...

Ohhhh, that scream. We both know that Tamsin has inherited her cousin's scream, and now Tamsin's and Camrybn's favorite game is to shriek gleefully at one another, louder, and louder, until I say, "GIRLS!!!" This drove my mom absolutely NUTS last weekend. The screaming isn't nearly so annoying to me as the WHINING, and we ALL know that Tamsie, sweet as she is, is a bit of a whiney-pants! Sigh. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. (Picture me say this to myself while rocking back and forth.)