Monday, September 19, 2011

Air Show

This last weekend the Taylor Clan (that's our family) along with the Taylor Von Trapps (Stephen's brother, Karl's family) and some friends all went to an Air Force base above Salt Lake to see this Air Force museum. It was actually free, as long as you donated some cans, which were perfect because I bought these pickled beets from Walmart that tasted nasty, which I actually like pickled beets as long as they are done right. But these were gross, but I'm sure they can, and now will, find a nice home... with some homeless person. Anyway, they had all these retired war planes along with some veterans next to them telling all their war stories, it was quite fun. Here are some pictures

BTW those shorts I'm wearing I actually made. I had some jean material leftover from these trouser pants I made almost 2 years ago. I didn't think I had enough to make anything else with the material, but I kept it anyway. Good thing I did. That's my third time making bottoms, not skirts, and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.
On Sunday we went to a mission farewell given by Stephen's Aunt Diane and Uncle Chuck for his other Aunt and Uncle, Bob and Barbara, that are going on a mission to Albania. I'm so excited for them. I wish I took more pictures, but the only I took from Sunday were of the cousins on the swing here with Aunt Megan. Oh well, goodluck Bob and Barbara, see ya in 2 years!

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linda said...

I am so glad that you got to go to the open house and help give Bob and Barbara a good send off. It is fun to see pictures of all the families together.