Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Birthday Frock

I don't know what it is but I love the word frock, it just makes dress sound more dainty. Anyways I made this dress last week from material I had bought over a year ago at Jo-Anns. It was not on the 50% clearance which is my one weakness. Shoot it wasn't even on clearance but I did have a 50% off coupon so I spent $15 for 3 yards, and I only needed a little more than two for the frock. I still have enough left over to make a cute blouse. I had been waiting to use the fabric because I really liked it, but I wasn't sure what style would fit it. Hence the reason I waited over a year to use it. When we went to Stephen's parents house for Christmas this last year I saw my sister-in-law wearing this reddish-orange dress and I thought that's it!! Then this last visit back to California she was going to let me borrow it for church, it was a little tight, and too short, but I had an oppurtunity to examine it closely to see how I could make one just like it and Voila, here it is.

The only difference is I made it longer, I wanted it to look like one of those Maxi dresses I see everyone at church wearing. Bu, those usually go to the ankles, and since my first attempt at the top portion of the dress I made a huge boo-boo, I had to settle with it going down to my lower calf region. But it's really cute the pictures don't do it justice. I'm also crocheting this really pretty black belt with a pink ribbon that runs through it to go with it, I'll take pictures of it when I'm finished. James is sick again, I think he has the flu bug. I had a couple of diaper "accidents" on Friday, which I thought were caused by something he ate, like the ice cream we had at Thanksgiving Point. But then when he woke up from his nap yesterday he had two more, and today he had two major blowouts again. He stayed home from church today, and Stephen stayed with him, which meant I only had myself to get ready and I went all out (except for my hair, it's me one vice) coordinating my earings, necklace, ring, and makeup to go with my dress. It reminded me of when was in college. I usually don't wear a lot of jewelry on a daily basis but I use to go all out on Sundays back then. It was my dress up day. Standing in front of a mirror getting ready with all my roommates, trying to catch a man. Since having James I haven't felt this feminine in a long time. It felt good. I finished this dress just in time to have something new and cute to wear for when Stephen takes me out to dinner for my birthday Tuesday. Ahem, you do have something planned, right... honey? :)

Speaking of Stephen he's pretty much finished his Army application process, all he has left to do is the physical test, it's scheduled for some time at the end of this month. But besides being busy with Army stuff, he's also been keeping himself pretty busy earning a little bit of extra cash this last month, which definately helps. He's worked for his Uncle Stephen on some home projects, he's currently helping his brother Nathan with the flooring of his home in Provo (see pictures below), and now his dad and again Uncle Stephen have a couple of more projects lined up. We're just trying to make our money stretch until Stephen can get a temporary job while waiting to get into the Army. So, if anyone has any house remodeling that needs to be done, let us know!


Becky said...

The dress is adorable! It fits you really well. I really like it.

Megan said...

GORGEOUS! I actually noticed your hair and earrings and thought, "Wow--looking sassy!" It's nice to feel like you're single again, getting dressed up to go out and about.

linda said...

The dress turned out really cute, and fits perfectly. It is so fun when it all comes together so nicely!

clutchmonkey said...

It's a very pretty dress. Looks really comfortable too. Can you make me one? I don't get all dolled up very often either. Ian's very suspicious of what I'm up to if I get dressed up!