Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harvest Time

Stephen and I took a long walk to Thanksgiving Point (which for those of you who don't know, it's this amazing place about 2 miles away that has amazing gardens, that we actually went to last week click here to check it out PLEASE, and it has boutiques, a theater, dinosaur museum, restaurants and other activities, classes and entertainment) and got some small ice cream cones. Well surrounding the barn on all sides at Thanksgiving Point there are rows and rows and rows, you get the picture, of grape vines that are ripe NOW, AND you can pick them for free. We saw tons of people there with bags stuffing there sacks with as many as they could. Well, we hadn't brought any bags 'cause we didn't know, but we had James' stroller. And here is the result, it's literally packed anywhere we could put grapes we did.

We were trying to decide what to do with them all though because we're going out of town soon. (Sorry internet predators, I'm not saying when or how long, though only friends and family know where we live anyway I'm sure) So we decided to juice them, and then freeze the juice, and drink it when we get back.

Although we've already had quite a bit, and unfortunately we only have one bathroom. Sorry Stephen, honey, but the mop bucket is in the laundry room, help yourself.
The juice is amazing by the way, these are Concord grapes! And if your curious when we left there were still tons of grapes, you just have to go in a bit further, don't where nice clothes FYI, and I hope bees don't bother you.

Other News, that job I mentioned earlier, well...Stephen didn't get it. BUT he had a job interview yesterday, yes on our anniversary, it's been an amazing 2 years, followed by 2 stressful we have a baby/toddler, but it's still totally worth it years, making a total of 4. I love you Stephen honey Happy Anniversary. We went out to dinner in Provo after Stephen's interview which was in Orem. Grandpa Jeff Taylor watched James so we could have us time. Thank-you thank-you thank-you! Stephen had bought 2 online tickets for the Provo River Halloween Cruise, which he hadn't realized at the time doesn't start until October, but he put the tickets in my card to prove that he had had something planned. So, back to the interview he had yesterday, they called him an hour ago and told him he got the job! WOOHOO, and he can start when we get back from vacation, double woohoo!!!! This is actually perfect timing because I was hoping he would finish all his Army stuff before finding a new job, and he has, well almost. He has his last and final test, THE ARMY PHYSICAL TEST tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. Please please please keep him in your prayers that he will pass all three requirements, and don't call him to wish him good luck after 8:30 tonight, or tomorrow morning he needs all the rest he can get before the big day, anytime before that feel free. If you're wondering about the new job he got it's perfect, because 1. it's a temp job for the next 4-5 months, which he doesn't need anything longer than that because by then we're assuming he'll be in Army basic training. 2. the pay is good, more than his last job, but with no benefits, so with that it actually ends up being about the same as his last job. 3. we don't have to move. The company is called Dimicron, and was actually started by his dad I believe, although his dad did not hire him. His dad, Jeff, heard that they needed a temporary person to work the machines, and Stephen has experience doing that, so he gave Stephen's resume to the other head guys. They decided to interview him, Jeff didn't, and in fact had no say in him getting hired, in order to avoid nepotism. He starts there October 13th. Sayanara, we'll let you know when we get back from vacation how he does on his Army test. We're going to Disneyland!!!!!!!!! The funnest place on earth.

P.S. Please pray for Stephen to pass his test tomorrow! Thank-You!!!

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linda said...

We are so happy for you. I know that things always work out, even if it is not the way that we think they will. Congratulations!