Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Fashion Line 2011

There's this one sewing blog that I follow where the girl will show fabric that she's bought, what she wants to make it into, and then pictures of the final product. She's a very talented seamstress, her things turn out looking very professional, butI never like her fabric choices. The colors/shades/prints, etc. just look really ugly to me. Not everything is ugly, but most of it, in my opinion is. Whenever I look at her blog I can't help but think what a terrible waste of money, time, and talent. Having said that, I too have spent money, time and talent making things that I thought were cute, or just okay originally but after I was done changed my mind. Not because I sewed it wrong, but that I just decided I didn't like it. (Although I guess that happens to all of us, we buy something we think is cute and then decide, after we've worn it unfortunately, eh...not so much). But I feel like I've grown/learned something, and at least the fabric that I got was so cheap, that I didn't waste any money really, and it was good practice to develope my skills so that now when I do pick something out I really do like, and sewing it, it turns out looking good, because of the things I've practiced with. I have a bunch of fabric in my stash, and seeing as we're short on money, any new clothes will have to come from this stash. But, I'm really excited to sew the things, because, and I know this sounds arrogant, but...I picked out some really awesome fabric. And I know showing it to you it might be hard to visualize just how awesome it will look, but I'm super excited. It's like when my sister-in-law Megan picks out something to decorate her apartment with, and tells me what she's going to do to it to make it look awesome, I can't visualize the aswesomeness, and am like "Sure, okay." And then she does it and you're like, "hey, that really is awesome." That's me, but with fabric, not decorating. Now If I could get the decorating thing down, maybe my apartment would look as awesome as hers. Anyway, here are the fabrics.

These first two are really sheer.

And here is what I want to make the left one into...

and the right one.
Here are the next two.

The top one I was debating either to make into something like this

but have it button up since it's not very stretchy. Or something like this

with a cute Peter Pan collar. Which do you prefer?
And then the bottom plaid fabric I would either make something like this

Or sleeveless with a scoop neck and wear button up shirts underneath.

And the last two fabrics are my favorites. A Plaid suiting fabric, and a light weight purple jersey knit.

For the suiting on the left I wanted to do something 60's-ish, like Christina Hendricks on Mad Men.

I've never seen the show, but I've seen lots of pictures because she's really popular right now, and her wardrobe is awesome! And here is what I want to do with the one on the right.

So That's what I'll be doing the next three months, not to mention doing surgery on some clothes I own, and making a pair of jean shorts. I'll post pictures of my fall line, assuming they all turn out good. (hahaha like how I said my fall line, right like I'm a designer, well I am gosh darnit! I design Melinda clothes.)


Megan said...

I love those dresses! I have to vote for the Peter Pan collared dress, and I love the "Mad Men" look. My famous NYC blogging friend says the "Mad Men" style is THE thing in Manhattan right now. :) And thanks for the compliment, but rest assured that Karl gives me the same "Huh?" look when I tell him my decorating ideas. Usually he likes what I end up with, but...let's just say, he's banned me from putting up new Halloween decorations until October 1st. The man has some string opinions!

Megan said...

Uh, STRONG opinions. Sorry--didn't spellcheck.

linda said...

You are amazingly ambitious! I usually go to the store and try on a new style that I am thinking about making to see if I like it on me. This seems to avoid some of the disappointments that come with a finished product that I decide that I can't wear.