Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disneyland Vacation 2

On Wednesday it rained so hard that we decided to wait to go to Disneyland, and we went to the L.A. Museum of Natural History instead. Stephen loves stuff like this. I like it, too. James liked it okay, as long as he could run around sans parents.

While we were driving there we saw this truck on the freeway. Check out the spikes on the wheels!

When we got back Wednesday all the parents got to go out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe, whilst the little'ns spent time with Gma and Gpa.
After that I planned our whole day out for Thursday at Disneyland so that we wouldn't be standing still trying James' patience, and so that we could maximize our time there and go on as many rides as possible. It was a complete success!


Sarah B Heath said...

You guys look great. I like James's super short hair. Maybe in 5 years the Brinton clan can attempt Disneyland, when the kids are older and easier (?). The last time I went was with you and Ian probably nine years ago. I have a photo of us in those graphic t-shirts I made, that fell apart. I have a curse of getting my period whenever we travel, and true to fashion, got it the day we were there. UGH. Even though it was stressful at times, at last you got to revel in some warmer weather before the snow sets in!

A Wink and a Smile said...

Believe it or not, every single vacation we've gone on this year I was on my period! Luckily last week I didn't start until Sunday. Which, to be totally honest was late, and wasfreaking me out.

linda said...

I was in awe of the detailed plans that you made for each day's activities. You should write a guidebook on how to experience Disneyland efficiently.