Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disneyland Vacation 3

Thursday was actually my favorite day there. (probably because I planned the whole day ahead of time) Plus, the fact that they had FastPasses and Single Riders available at Disneyland was a huge help. Not to mention the fact that we bought James a spinny light-up Buzz Lightyear toy that kept him destracted most of the day. It was only $13.99, and it was definately worth it, it kept him happy, so we were happy. (I had wanted to do that the first day, but Stephen didn't want to spend any money, finally got him to give in. hehehe)
Funny thing, most of the rides that James was tall enough to go on, i.e. all the rides in Fantasy Land, are kind of dark and scary. Snow White, Pinocchio, and Mr. Toad, actually we only took him on the Mr. Toad Ride, we waited in line for Pinocchio but just as we were about to get on the ride broke down. Oh well, he was scared on the Mr. Toad ride, so it's probably just as well that it didn't work out.

Then we ran into Gma Taylor and went on It's a Small World together.

I think that ride was James' all time favorite at Disneyland.

Stephen saw this while passing through the castle and had to take a picture of it. I thought it was funny because a few years ago I took this Facebook quiz that tells you which Disney Prince your man is, and when I took it, it said that my man was Prince Phillip, which is totally true of Stephen. And as you can see, that's Prince Phillip fighting the dragon. The thing is he took the picture because of the quote underneath, again, totally Stephen! (I think if I had to pick a Disney character that best fit my personality, or that I closely resembled as far as personality went it would be a toss up between Tangled's Repunzel, and Tinker Bell.)

Stephen and I took some turns going on rides and watching James. We did that while one of us stayed with James in Toon Town where he could, again, run around and have fun. When it was my turn I stood in line for 30 min. to take a picture with Mickey. James got a little restless, but luckily Mickey's House is so interesting that he stayed occupied by looking at all the stuff. Then when he saw Mickey he was in awe. Not because he knew who he was, but because he loves seeing giant animal people.

We returned to the motel for dinner and then left James to be watched by Gpa Taylor while Stephen and I returned to Disneyland for some late night rides. Although it ended up being more stressful because more people seemed to be there at night than during the day, or at least it was just as crowded. The minute we sat down to go on the Indiana Jones ride it broke down. We waited hoping that it would start working soon, and it did, but while we were waiting the nice lady in charge of the ride took a picture of us, and let me wear her Indiana Jones hat.

Not to mention the Matterhorn also broke down the minute we sat down, and it was 12 so we had to get off. I think for waiting in line they should have given us a "next time you get in line go to the very front so you don't have to wait again" card, but they didn't. Oh well...

Stephen took a picture of me falling asleep on the Mickey Mouse Tram.

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