Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disneyland Vacation 4

Wow, posting all this stuff is really taking a long time. Maybe I give too much detail. This is probably the last vacation post. So, Friday was our last day at Disneyland, and we started out that day at California Adventureland with the Taylor Von Trapps.

Went on some rides there. They had this rocket ride, similar to the one at Disneyland, except it goes higher. I think James got used to it, because this time he wasn't scared like the last time. James really liked this Redwoods Boyscout type area that they had there. He spent a lot of time there exploring and being a boy. We headed back over to Disneyland to try and catch some rides we missed the first two days. Like the Mark Twain Riverboat. Stephen really wanted to go on that one.

James really loved the parade. I was amazed at how chill and mezmorized he was during the whole thing. Just watching and waving at the different floats and people that passed by. Funny thing, when the princess float passed by, he was waving bothe hands at them. Stephen cracked a joke about how if James could talk, really talk, he'd be asking them if they wanted to hold him, while pointing out at how cute he is.

After going on "It's a Small World" one last time we headed back to California Adventureland for the Water show which is amazing. Our tickets were actually for the 10 pm show, but we couldn't wait that long, we were all getting tired, and grumpy. So, we found a good spot to stand and watched it next to a weinie roast.

While we were watching the show James' started doing this crazy thing. While he was spinning his Buzz Lightyear toy he would stick his tongue out and let the spinny part swish by his tongue. Kids are so weird.

Well, we drove home Saturday, but with all the kiddies needing breaks, we spent the night at a motel, and then arrived home on Sunday. Which I'm so glad we did, I had a cold coming on and needed to sleep. In a bed. When we came home our apartment was freezing. Yep, our late summer is officially gone. And that's the end of the vacation. It was alot of fun, and we want to thank Grandpa and Grandma Taylor for treating us to such a wonderful vacation!!! THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!!!!

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