Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Prequel

This has always been my most favorite time of te year ever since I was little, it seemed like fall had something fun waiting around every corner. September-my birthday, and now anniversary too, October-Halloween, November-Thanksgiving, with Christmas just around the corner! So, speaking of our anniversary last month; I don't know if you recall that for the occasion Stephen bought some Provo Halloween River Cruise tickets, and we finally went on the cruise Wednesday night. We dropped the little one at the Gparents, and then we went out to dinner and then the cruise. It was so much fun, and it was pretty cold waiting because there was a long line, but we brought blankets and enjoyed a nice hot cup of chocolate as we waited. They had a kind of bonfire going, and the wonderful smell of woodsmoke was in the air. It was a magical evening.
There were lights strung up, they played scary music, had carved pumpkins, there was a pirate, and on the way back they told the story of Ichabod Crane.

On Monday I finished James' Halloween costume, and he loves it. The minute I put it on him he started snuggling into it and laid down on the ground.

One of these days I have to make James a cute trick or treat bag.
One more pic for good measure. James is following his cousin Camryn around trying to give her a hug. Earlier he tried to kiss her. :)


Megan said...

Love the pics!!! Especially the one of the cousins. :)

I just finished making trick-or-treat bags for the girls--the most rudimentary bags ever. I went to Walmart last night and bought cute fabric and ribbon...and today I can't find it. I suspect I threw it out last night on accident. SIIGHHH. So I made do with some leftover fabric from home. :(

And I'm so glad you liked the river cruise! I've always wanted to do something like that at Halloween, but Karl's never gotten the hint (a.k.a. me cutting out ads for the Heber Creeper and saying, "I want to do THIS this year!"), and now, with kids along, it seems less fun. Maybe next year we'll get a babysitter...

Sarah B Heath said...

I love the costume too! He'll want to wear it after Halloween, and really, who cares? It looks comfy cozy and would be great in the snowy weather, all bundled up. Great job sis.