Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Changes

While we were on vacation in SoCal we brought James' Pack'n'play to sleep in. And every time we put him in it he climbed out, and I would think, "Well, at least he hasn't learned to do that in his crib at home yet." Which is also higher, and harder to climb out of. Well, the first day we got back, we went to put him down for a nap and guess what? He climbed out! I was so nervous James is the type of kid who can't sit still for 2 minutes, and I know that people say, "Oh that's all kids at that age." really I will bet $5 that my child is a more restless 2 year old than yours. Anyway, so we put in the day bed...

and surprisingly he still takes naps, and goes down to bed at night. The only problem is he has learned how to open the childproof doorknobs; we put one on the inside of his door in case he wakes up super early in the morning. He isn't able to do it all the time, but about 20% of the time he is able to open it. And he knows how to unlock the front door. So, we have to bolt the door with a chair at night, just to be extra safe that he doesn't escape.

Saturday we went to the Wheeler Farm again with the Taylor Von Trapps. I love that farm, we can't get enough of it.

Note, I'm wearing one of the Fall Fashion 2011 things I made. I really like it, except it's more flowy than I intended to make it, hence it makes me look pregnant. We also carved some pumpkins, can you tell what they are?

Than last night we went to this Barnyard Boo for a combined FHE with some friends of ours, we got in 1/2 off 'cause we were their guests, and they had a Thanksgiving Point annual pass. It was fun for kids and James did a pony ride for $2 which he loved and it was totally worth it. I had my hand on his back to make sure he wouldn't fall off but he kept pushing my hand away as if to say, "I'm a big boy, and I can do it myself!" They had a baby calf there and it kept licking us like crazy it was so cute.

Then yesterday some PJ's arrived via post for James. I got them cheap on ebay. Can you tell he loves them, he kept pushing the buttons to shoot the lazer and saying "BUZZ!"


linda said...

I am so sorry that James is climbing out of the crib, but I guess that it is inevitable. (I don't think that any of my kids made it past 2 without climbing out.) I had to resort to 2 baby gates stacked at the bedroom door, one above the other in order to contain some of my wilder ones.

By the way, I LOVE those pajamas!

Sarah B Heath said...

Awww he just gets cuter. Adorable in his Buzz Lightyear jammies. We're doing the same pumpkin carving-Jack from Nightmare before Christmas. We also did the pony ride thing last weekend, so fun! Autumn is full of good times. I will update my blog when I get a chance! You look so pretty Melly Sue.