Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hallows'Eve Fiesta

On Saturday we had a Halloween Party, but we forgot to call some people and some people's kids got sick at the last minute, so not that many people showed up, but we still had a lot of fun. And to say the very least our house got pretty darn clean, minus James' toys spread everywhere, but toys don't count, right?

As you can see we had a plethora of desserts I was frantically trying to make everyone take home, we don't need that many sweets.
We're having the leftover Chili from the party for dinner tonight, which makes the 4th night in a row we've eaten beans. But we've invited some friends of ours to help us finish our food tonight, thankgoodness, because we don't want to have to eat all the chili ourselves until it's gone. Beans=stinky gas=nobody likes you.

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Sarah B Heath said...

Why weren't we invited? No really that's great you had a party. I wish we had room to entertain! You did a great job, everyone looks great. Tonight we are doing a neighborhood parade then trick or treating. Woohoo no rain!