Friday, March 20, 2009

The Babies (Sugar Glider Babies That Is...)

So many of you have heard that we have some new pets. AND many of you have wondered just what exactly a sugar glider is. Well here is what a sugar glider looks like, with some information about them.

Sugar Gliders are nocturnal marsupials native to eastern Australia. They are called sugar gliders because about 60% of what they eat is sweet; such as, fruit, yogurt chips, dried fruit, etc. They also can glide (kind of like flying squirrels), they have a flap of skin between their limbs that allows them to glide around. Like this..

And here is a picture of our sugar gliders. (The previous photos were off the web)They are very sleepy during the day, because they're nocturnal, but at night they are hyper active and run around the cage on the walls and upside down in circles on their cage's ceiling.

I know what you're thinking...since I've been pregnant I've really changed a lot. Well I have...but that's not me in the picture. We went out of town Valentine's weekend and had some friends of ours watch them, Ben and Summer Lewis. We had some pictures of them with us in the picture, but we ran out of room on our camera and had to delete them. Plus, I get nervous taking too many pictures of them with a camera that has a bright flash in their eyes, especially since their nocturnal. Just call me a paranoid mommy. We love them and think they're the cutest. Enjoy the pics.

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Megan said...

Crucial info you forgot to mention: what are their names?!?